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11 New Ideas to Add to Your Nutrition Education Toolbox

Please join us in recognizing those who submitted ideas for the Nutrition Education Tool Box Challenge, and the steps they are taking to help make a healthy difference for kids! We also recognize that any time is a busy time for educators! So we want to send a special message of our own to all who participated: “Thank You for taking the time to share your creative ideas with others. We encourage you to continue to be an inspiration to your peers!” - from all of us at HKC.

You may download your own copy of the Nutrition Education Toolbox Challenge here, and access all 11 new ideas from these awesome educators and youth leaders:

  • Vicki Phillips, Avon Upper Scioto Valley Schools, OSU SNAP-Ed, Kindergarten
  • Angie McCluskey, Northside ISD - Mireles Elementary School, Kindergarten - 2nd
  • Brianna Liles, Generation FIT, Elementary and Middle School levels
  • Linda Jackey, Fit Kidz, Grades K-5
  • Renee, Home School, Grades 3-7
  • Kathy Dean, Summit School of Ahwatukee, Grades K-8
  • Laura Roth, Wellston Middle School, Grades 6-8
  • Bonnie Goehringer, Heaton Middle School, Grades 6-8
  • Susannah Levine, Wichita Southeast High School
  • Shannon FitzGerald, Avon Lake City Schools, Grades K-12
  • Lisa Robinson, Michigan Technical Academy, 4th Grade

In case you missed the Challenge, we recently asked schools and youth programs to send examples of how they are helping to meet the challenge for healthy kids! The HKC Nutrition Education Tool Box is the culmination of those ideas submitted, and is being shared so anyone in need of nutrition ed ideas can benefit.

Through tips, activities and nutrition education curriculum, we continuously strive to help educators and youth leaders meet the challenge for healthier kids! 

****Now we Challenge YOU to take healthy action today for “Breakfast GO Power” using one of the ideas from the Tool Box:

"No Breakfast Bad Guys” Grades K-2

Move and Learn Activity

Objectives: Teach the benefits of eating breakfast

Supplies: HKC Balance My DayTM nutrition curriculum lesson, Why Breakfast? and picture food cards


I reinforced the benefits of eating breakfast by playing a tag game I call "No Breakfast Bad Guys.

"It" wears a sign with the word BREAKFAST with the NO sign printed over it.

If "It' tags you, you have to take a nap because you don't have any energy from not eating breakfast.

One of your classmates has to bring you nutritious food (I used pictures from the Balance My Day Teacher Guide) to eat for breakfast. Then you may run again.

No one is ever OUT and it not only encourages children by exposing them to options for healthy choices, but it also reinforces that they will run out of energy through the day without breakfast. It is good to see the children helping each other and the cooperation so that no one "naps" for very long.

Vicki Phillips, Avon Upper Scioto Valley Schools, OSU SNAP-Ed, Kindergarten

*A Healthy Kids Challenge Note:

Eating breakfast is also linked to better grades and academic performance, improved nutrition, healthier weight, and better memory. It is recommended that a healthy breakfast includes at least 3 of the 5 MyPlate food groups. The activity is a great example of how to link learning with physical activity!

What new ideas are in your Nutrition Education Toolbox???