Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

4 Simple Ideas for Autumn Active Play with Kids

Limited Time: Even if you only have 5 minutes to spare, take kids outside and let them run, gallop, skip or jump from one iStock_000014799078Smalldesignated point to another. It's a great brain break!

Active Play in Lessons: Incorporate movement in class lessons: science (explore nature outdoors), language arts (recite spelling words while walking), math (count, add or multiply the trees, plants and such while walking outside).

Morning Walks: Schedule school-wide morning walks routinely and include special guests (school nurse, counselor, PE teacher or school nutrition director).

Rewards: Use outdoor active play to encourage good behavior and class successes instead of food-related rewards. Let kids play their favorite outdoor group game or spend time on the playground.

Help kids hear the message that physical activity is healthy and fun!
Let them see a variety of different ways to move and be active.
Let them do by providing opportunities for active play during the day.