Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

5 Fun and Healthy Summer Ideas for Kids

1. Download and use this month's Classroom & Afterschool activity, How Much Do You Move in a Day?, to get kids thinking about their active play routines, or lack of. Discuss how healthy eating (energy in) and active play (energy out) equals healthy balance. It can be used for adults as well!

  • HKC Printables - use these active play challenge ideas and check out the other healthy, balanced eating tips on the web page
  • SPARK PE sample lesson plans - Fun, easy and adaptable physical activity ideas for ages K-12 to be used by PE teachers, classroom teachers and youth leaders.
  • Cigna's Healthy Balance Toolkit - great family activities to instill healthy eating throughout the summer

2. Encourage everyone to sign up for the President's Physical Fitness Challenge.

3. Plan family vacations that incorporate physical activity and active play!

  • When driving, allow time to stop at rest stops or local parks to get out and move.
  • Bring along balls, baseball gloves, jump ropes and other easily packed equipment to have on hand.
  • Nourish Interactive - Offer kids fun Nourish Interactive activity sheets while traveling. Discuss the sheets and set family goals.
  • Plan for physical activity events such as bicycle trips, hiking excursions, or swimming to enjoy when you reach your destination.
  • Google Maps - map how far you walk, bike or run as a motivator

4. Kids love it when parents join along and play active games with them. Set aside time on the weekend or weekday evening to play "old favorites" with your family!

  • Hopscotch
  • 4-Square
  • Hide and Seek or Tag
  • 2-Person Jump Rope
  • More ideas

5. Practice planning a week's dinner menu with your family. Get input for their favorite foods/dishes and together build healthy family dinners using MyPlate to guide food choices.

  • Create a grocery list from the menu.
  • Go to the grocery store and get kids involved in the food purchases.
  • MyPlate