Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Youth Activities

Ideas for youth leaders related to healthy eating and/or physical activity.

  • Kids Jump into Health

To improve attitudes and skills for making healthy choices, an extension agent chose to use OrganWise Guys' Hardy Heart resources and Little Organ Annie while talking about fitness. Kids made heart-healthy snacks from high-fiber fresh fruits and veggies. Next, they got their hearts pumping by jumping rope, which they kept as a prize.

Kansas Kids C.A.N. Program, K-State Research and Extension Meade County, Meade, KS, Christine McPheter, Extension Agent

  • Business Partners Support Healthy Actions

The school wellness team went to community businesses for incentives to help motivate kids to develop healthy behaviors.

The staff and students set the following goals:

  • Strive for 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day.
  • Choose smaller portions of sweets and fried foods.
  • Get moving!

Cigna Showcase School, Swansboro Elementary, Richmond, VA, Alice Perry, School Nurse

  • Library Reinforces Healthy Habits

The Dighton Library connects healthy eating and physical acitivty with reading activities.boy using magnifying glass to see a butterfly

  • Kids received a calendar each month with healthy eating and physical activity ideas.
  • To reinforce the idea of the reasons to eat healthy, once a month a special healthy treat was served and books pertaining to the topic of the month were displayed.
  • Activity pages were available on most days and on Fridays exercising at home was encouraged.

"The table display made a good conversation piece between adults and the children. Grandparents even took the activity pages for their grandchildren. Many pople thought the food table display was neat and unusual to be in a library, but when we tied everything together with books, puzzles, activities, guessing games, and snacks; it worked." - Kansas Kids C.A.N. Program, Dighton Library, Dighton, KS, Ruby Martin

  • Hospital Links Kids with Elders

One way in which Lane County Hospital suports the community, is through a link with the localgirl at laptop computer elementary school. The physical education teacher for K-6th grades collaborates with the activities director of the long-term care at the hospital to make it possible for kids to join the long-term care residents for their activity time. On one occasion they viewed an OrganWise Guys video and created some healthy snacks for all to enjoy. Some of the residents'  family members said they thought it was a really fun way to get the residents moving.

The hospital also makes its healthy eating and physical activity resources available for community programs such as church groups and day camp volunteers to check out.

Kansas Kids C.A.N. Programs: Lane County Hospital, Dighton, KS, Jessica Schadel, Activities Director, and Janice Hemel, Dietary Manager