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Activity Idea: Wintertime Walking Challenge
Source: adapted from HKC's WOWS newsletters
Description: Kids learn to walk as a form of physical activity and record their progress
Grade: 2-5

poster board and marking pens to make walking distance signs


  1. With administrative support, mark off walking distances in the hallways and stairwells at school. Provide walking distance signs so it's easy to see. If weather allows, mark playground areas and walking trails.
  2. Provide organized classroom "walks" in the hallways during indoor recess or as class rewards and breaks. Go outside when the weather is nice to walk.
  3. As a classroom project, have the kids graph the distance covered during their classroom "walks" for a week or two to determine progress.
  4. Also incorporate age appropriate walk and learn activities such as:
    • count items like the number of doors or windows in the hallways--add and subtract or multiply the numbers
    • identify objects in the hallways and spell the words
    • identify colors and name a fruit or veggie in that color
  5. Challenge kids to walk outside of class time and to record the number of times they walk for the next week.

This activity is found in one of the HKC WOWS newsletters. For more activity ideas like the one above, check out the most recent WOWS newsletters and HKC resource materials. For more activity ideas like the one above, check out HKC resource materials. See the Online Store for descriptors and to view the Table of Content and booklet sample pages.