Breakfast GO POWER!

Eat breakfast to THINK-LEARN-GROW-PLAY!

Milk is a great breakfast food!

Activity Idea: Imaginary Ready, Set, Cook and Eat!™
Source: Modified from Healthy Kids Challenge, Ready, Set, Cook and Eat! learning event
Description: Kids will create their own breakfast recipe while learning about recipe ingredients, measures and instructions
Grade: 6-8
  • Whiteboard or flipchart
  • paper and pencils
  • cookbooks with breakfast recipes


  1. Ahead of time, list out various food ingredients on the whiteboard such as eggs, mini-waffles, whole grain tortillas, low fat cheddar cheese, salsa, low fat cream cheese, canned or fresh fruit, cinnamon sugar, and such.
  2. Talk with kids about the importance of breakfast for healthy bodies and healthy minds. Let them know that they will be creating a tasty breakfast recipe using only the ingredients listed on the whiteboard.
  3. Discuss the basics of a recipe: the number of servings, preparation time, ingredients, measurements, utensils needed and directions.
  4. Break kids into groups and give them a cookbook to look up different breakfast recipes for ideas.
  5. Once kids come to an agreement about their group's recipe, have each group write down the recipe, ingredients and instructions.
  6. Have each group present their recipe to the class. Make copies of the class recipes for the kids to take home and prepare.

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