Breakfast GO POWER!

Eat breakfast to THINK-LEARN-GROW-PLAY!

high school kids
Abilene High School Kids Learn about Whole Grain Cereals!

Activity Idea: Shape Up My Day with Breakfast for GO Power!
Source: Adapted from Healthy Kids Challenge Health Works Basic Kit (Grades K-8)
Description: Kids will identify the benefits of breakfast and how MyPlate guides healthy food choices
  • Food pictures or empty food containers that represent breakfast foods found in the Grains group (foods such as cereal, bagels, tortillas, rice, bread)
  • MyPlate Mini-Poster


  1. Look at the MyPlate food groups on the poster. Talk about how we get great GO Power to think, learn, grow and play by eating foods from all the food groups.
  2. Talk about how a healthy MyPlate habit is knowing which foods to eat MORE often, and which foods to eat in smaller amounts and LESS often. Ask if they can guess which foods to have LESS often (those with added fat, salt and/or sugar, like donuts, bacon, and sugared cereals).
  3. Ask which group is represented by the orange color (Answer: Grains). Use pictures or empty food packages to talk about and show examples of foods in this group. Ask kids what Grains they had for breakfast.
  4. Talk about how we get the BEST GO Power when we choose foods from other groups to go with our Grains. Give examples: CEREAL with low fat MILK and a BANANA. TORTILLA with low fat CHEESE and APPLE slices. Whole wheat TOAST with scrambled EGGS and STRAWBERRIES.
  5. Repeat how eating foods from the Grains and other groups at breakfast gives GO Power to help them think, learn, grow, and play.
  6. Play Simon Sez: Explain to the kids that if the answer is YES, they perform the movement you call out; if it is NO, they will not move. Demonstrate the movement you call out for the group.
  7. Discussion: Talk about where kids eat breakfast (home and school). Encourage kids to talk with their families about how breakfast gives them GO Power!

    This activity is found in the Healthy Kids Challenge Health Works Basic Kit (Grades K-8). For more activity ideas like the one above, check out other HKC resource materials. See the Online Store for descriptors and to view the Table of Content and booklet sample pages.