Active Play, Balance My Day - And Less Screen Time

Increase physical movement through the day in every way. Choose things you LIKE to do for at least 60 minutes of active time most days.

family walking
An outdoor walk is refreshing!

Activity Idea: Sock It To Me
Source: Adapted from Meade County Kansas Extension, Health Dept., Hospital and Grade School - Fitness and Safety Day Program
Description: Kids learn the importance of active play for fun and good health
Grade: 3-5
  • large space or gym
  • 20 or more pairs of old socks, roughly 1 pair of socks for each child
  • masking or duct tape to form a dividing line on the floor
  • 2-minute timer or a watch

Research finds that physical activity during the school day improves academic performance, encourages better behavior, supports good health and is FUN!. The activity below was presented at a Kids Fitness and Safety Day, but could be done during indoor recess, as a classroom break or reward, or an afterschool or summer program activity.

To play "Sock It To Me":

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