Drink Think!

Make a healthy SPLASH with a Drink Think. Choose water or low fat milk more often.

kids drinking water
kids receive water bottles with snack at library program

Activity Idea: Water Drinking Benefits
Source: Modified from Healthy Kids Challenge, Balance My Day™ nutrition curriculum (Grades 3-5)
Description: Kids Move and Learn about the benefits of drinking water
Grade: 3-5
  • space for kids to circle and move
  • optional (whiteboard or flipchart to write out water's benefits and associated movements)


  1. Explain to kids that water is a nutrient we need to live. Water keeps us cool, keeps our body joints moving and is a major part of our blood. Also, by choosing water to drink in place of high fat and added sugar drinks, it is easier to have healthy balance and a healthier body weight.
  2. Explain that they will form a circle and when the teacher names a benefit of drinking water, they will perform a designated movement to go along with it. Describe the benefits and movements below:
    • Cools the body: Mime basketball or other aerobic activity
    • Keeps body joints moving: Bend elbows and knees
    • Makes up a part of blood: Run in place to feel the heart pumping blood
    • No fat or sugar added: Practice balance-walk on a pretend balance beam
  3. Begin the activity: Name a water drinking benefit, have kids perform the movement and after each movement ask kids to identify the best drink choice and say out loud (water).

This activity is found in the Balance My Day™ nutrition curriculum (Grades 3-5). For more activity ideas like the one above, check out HKC resource materials. See the Online Store for descriptors and to view the Table of Content and booklet sample pages.