Snack Attack

Choose foods with added sugar and fat less often or in smaller amounts.

grocery store produce
Kids learn about healthy eating at the grocery store

Activity Idea: Fruit & Veggie Field Trip
Description: Kids take a field trip to a farmers market or grocery store and learn about produce.
Grade: 4-6
  • whiteboard and markers
  • fresh fruits & veggies purchased from the farmers market or grocery store
  • sink to wash produce
  • cutting knives, serving tray
  • paper plates, enough for each child


  1. Before leaving for the farmers market or grocery store, write some points on the whiteboard for kids to pay attention to while on the field trip:
    • use your senses to experience fruits & veggies - smell, sight, sound, touch and taste( when taste-testing later)
    • notice the parts of plants we eat - roots, stems, flowers, fruit, seeds and leaves
    • students are to behave, pay attention to the teacher and only touch the fruits/veggies that are handed to them in the group
  2. As you lead the kids down the produce aisles:
    • point out the different colors.
    • show examples of edible stems, roots, flowers, fruit, seeds and leaves.
    • pass around a few produce examples to let kids feel the texture and smell the aroma.
    • Pick up a melon and thump with your finger to share the sound a riper melon makes (dull, solid) vs. an unripe melon (hollow or metallic sound).
    • Ask kids to count the number of fruits represented at the market, then the number of veggies.
    • Make your own choices or ask kids to vote on which 3 fruit and 3 veggies they want to taste test back at school. Purchase enough for all to get a small bite of each fruit/veggie.
  3. When back at school, wash produce thoroughly, cut into tasting pieces and serve on paper plates for kids to sample.

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