Smart Servings

Sometimes it is not WHAT you eat, but HOW MUCH. Choose smart servings. Added fat and sugar content are a clue to serving size.

broccoli character
Broccoli is a Smart Servings choice!

Activity Idea: Eat Your Greens!
Source: Modified from USDA's Dig In! Nutrition Education Program
Description: Kids learn about and taste dark green, leafy veggies
Grade: 5-6
  • fresh spinach and kale, or other leafy green veggies for tasting, wash thoroughly and dry
  • small paper or plastic plates for each student
  • optional (low fat dressing to use when tasting)


  1. Explain that students will taste 2 dark green, leafy veggies. Pass a couple spinach leaves around for students to look at, smell and touch. Explain that spinach grows close to the ground. The stems grow straight up from the ground in clusters and leaves usually grow 4-8 inches long. How can one pick good spinach leaves? Look for green, crisp leaves with a fresh fragrance and springy texture. Avoid limp, discolored or damaged leaves.
  2. Distribute the Dark-Green Leafy Vegetable Taster handouts (Lesson 2, 2 pages). Have kids complete the first page and go over the Fun Facts.
  3. Explain that broccoli and dark green, leafy veggies like spinach and kale belong to the same subgroup within the MyPlate Vegetables Food Group called, Dark-Green Leafy Vegetables Subgroup. Veggies in this subgroup all provide the same kinds of nutrients. Eating veggies from this subgroup weekly helps you play hard and be healthy!
  4. Explain that kids will be completing page 2 of the handouts with spinach and kale. Provide a plate with spinach and kale tasting samples for each student. Have kids complete the handout and discuss.

For more healthy eating activities, check out HKC's Balance My Day™ nutrition curriculum and other resource materials. See the Online Store for descriptors and to view the Table of Content and booklet sample pages.