Drink Think!

Make a healthy SPLASH with a Drink Think. Choose water or low fat milk more often.

girl drinking waterWater:Nature's Beverage!

Activity Idea: Water and a Healthy Me
Source: Adapted from Healthy Kids Challenge Health Works Basic Kit (Grades K-8)
Description: Kids will identify the importance of drinking water while learning about water.
Grade: K-2
  • Optional: food pictures


  1. Ask kids what happens if someone forgets to water a plant. Point out that people need water, just like plants and animals.
  2. Talk with kids about why water is healthy to drink. (The human body is made of about 60% water, it keeps the body cool and helps digest food.)
  3. Point out that when we feel thirsty, our bodies are saying "I need water."
  4. Explain different ways we get hot and need to cool down: When we are sick and have fevers, when it is hot outside (or inside) and when we have a lot of physical activity. Emphasize the point by having kids perform activity by playing "Statue".
    • Have kids perform various locomotor skills around the space.
    • When the leader says, "stop," the children must hold whatever position they are in at the time.
    • The leader then counts to 5 slowly and the children may not move until the counting is finished, holding their bodies like statues.
    • When the leader says "go" the children continue moving as directed.
    • Afterward, ask kids if they feel "hotter" now than when they started the activity.
  5. Ask about the ways we get water. (Not only what we drink, but the foods we eat contain water, especially fruits, juices, milk and vegetables. Some foods like celery, carrots and watermelon are mostly made of water.)
  6. Talk about the different forms of water. (Ice is frozen water. Water that we drink is liquid. Steam is also a form of water.) Expand the lesson as age appropriate. For example, discuss rain-snow-sleet-hail-clouds and the water cycle.
  7. Ask kids to set a goal to choose water through the day, especially when they are thirsty.

This activity is found in the Healthy Kids Challenge Health Works Basic Kit (Grades K-8) For more activity ideas like the one above, check out HKC resource materials. See the Online Store for descriptors and to view the Table of Content and booklet sample pages.