Snack Attack

Choose foods with added sugar and fat less often or in smaller amounts.

trail mix
Kids make their own healthy, trail mix snack

Activity Idea: Healthy Snack'n Habits
Source: Modified from the Healthy Kids Challenge, Snack Attack, Health Works! toolkit
Description: Kids will identify healthy snack habits
Grade: 3-5
  • a variety of snack food Nutrition Facts labels


  1. Talk about how snacks are a healthy part of our day, but are sometimes labeled as junk foods. Discuss the following healthy tips to sort out the difference between eating "snack foods" and making snacks a healthy thing to do!
    • Snack'n Habit Choices:
      • What: Choose good balance! All foods fit in a healthy diet with good balance of physical activity and less of higher sugar and fat foods.
      • How: Choose to make healthy snacks handy. Include healthy snack foods on your family's grocery list.
      • Where: Turn off the TV during snack time. Snack time without TV time helps make it possible to enjoy the taste of foods more!
      • When: Plan snack time at the same times each day (just as you plan meal times), to give you a boost in energy. Having a snack because there isn't anything else to do leads to unhealthy habits.
  2. Talk about how many foods called "snack foods" are high in fat and sugar. Ask kids to name snack foods like soft drinks, sugared fruit drinks, cookies, candies, fruit pies, ice cream, potato and corn chips. Mention that when we eat too many of these foods it upsets our healthy balance.
  3. Ask kids for healthy balance solutions when we do eat too many high fat and sugar foods. (Examples: more physical activity, smaller amounts of less healthy foods)
  4. Ask kids for examples of healthier snack food choices. (Examples: fresh fruit, veggies, low fat string cheese, whole grain crackers)
  5. Have kids play Snack'n Habit Detectives, by looking at labels of things that they normally eat and write a list of foods with more than 5 grams of fat or sugar per serving. Have kids collect the labels and bring them to class to identify the higher fat and sugar foods.
  6. Ask kids to set a personal snack goal for one of the Snack'n habits: (what to eat, how to make healthy choices available, where to eat your snack and plan for regular snack times).

This activity is found in the Health Works! toolkit. For more activity ideas like the one above, check out HKC resource materials. See the Online Store for descriptors and to view the Table of Content and booklet sample pages.