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Kids Fruit & Veggie Challenge

The Fruit & Veggie Challenge was conducted with 3 Herington Elementary classes whose teachers had volunteered for the grant project. The purpose was to:

  • help children experience fruits and vegetables in a fun environment
  • teach kids the importance of choosing foods from MyPyramid for better health

Each teacher was given a set of the Healthy Kids Challenge Health Works Basic Toolkit young boy eating from bowl booklets to use. A pre-test fruit & veggie checklist was given to determine the kids' current knowledge level.

Then for 3 weeks on each Tuesday and Thursday, 53 first, 3rd and 4th graders were given taste samples of 3 different fruits and/or veggies until they had the chance to sample all the foods on the checklist. Other days during the 3 weeks, the teachers provided classroom activities, fruit and veggie trivia and promoted eating a variety of healthy foods using HKC materials. Educational brochures and handouts were also sent home to the families. The 3rd and 4th graders participated in a fruit and veggie log to record the number of servings they and their families ate in one week.

The 4th week, a post test fruit & veggie checklist was given and the results were as follows:

  • 12% increase in the fruits and veggies kids tried and liked
  • 18% increase in the fruits and veggies kids wanted to choose at school
  • 18% increase in the fruits and veggies kids wanted to choose at home

Herington Elementary, Herington, KS, Diana Floyd RD, LD, Fruit & Veggie Grant Coordinator

"At first, when tasting the samples the children were reluctant to try the unfamiliar foods, but soon they were excited to see what the featured sample was each day."