Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

School Nutrition Services Make a Healthy Impact

Expanding their healthy eating options and offering more choices of vegetables at meals had a healthy impact on fruit and vegetable consumption! The cafeteria created excitement by:CIGNA logo

  • Adding healthy message posters on the bulletin board where students stand in lunch line
  • Introducing more choices of fruit daily
  • Offering ranch dressing with fresh vegetables
  • Using the school newsletter and Connect Ed. messages to communicate healthy messages to families

With the changes made, these middle schools students (600 total enrollment) are now eating over 400 more servings combined of fruits and vegetables at lunch each day!

  • More students are taking fresh vegetables - from 20 servings to now 84 servings daily, over four times as many
  • Twice the number of kids now choose fruit or juice with their meals (125+ servings) as compare to the beginning of the school year (60-65 servings)
  • Kids are eating twice as many taco salads for lunch from 100 previously to 200 daily

HKC-CIGNA Making Strides Schools, Jackson Middle School, Orlando, FL, Yaisyry Martinez, School Foodservice Manager

“Students are eating more vegetables. In the past they took just pizza, now they take pizza and veggie dippers. They are eating more meatless meals. But getting students to eat more fruit at breakfast is a challenge. They drink juice which is OK, but I would like them to eat fruit.”