Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

School-wide Ideas

Collaborative actions within the school to build awareness, support, skill building activities, and behaviors for healthy eating and/or physical activity.

Collaboration with the art teacher enabled all students of Florence Rideout Elementary to create a National School Breakfast Week contest "Breakfast Super Hero" in art class for competition. The Super Hero National School Breakfast promotion gained media attention and resulted in 51 new kids trying school breakfast during the week long event.

  • 5.8 additional kids were eating breakfast at school daily after this event for a 48% increase over previous participation
  • Winners of the "Breakfast Super Hero" contest gained media attention and were interviewed by the local newspaper and the pictures and Super Hero story printed in The Telegraph, Nashua, NH
  • The news story about the winners and runner-up were featured on two school bulletin boards for viewing by all 289 students

"During Breakfast Week, we served 167 breakfasts, 130 to kids and 37 to parents and staff, and 51 new children tried the breakfast. We want people to understand that breakfast is important." - HKC-Cigna Making Strides School, Florence Rideout Elementary, Wilton, NH, Diana Zoltko, School Nurse

Aventura Waterways K-8 Center opened its doors for the first time this school year. Its campus and buildings showcase an environment supportive of wellness. Initial actions to start off on the path to wellness at this brand new school include:

  • Collaborative efforts to build a school wellness team where none existed before
  • Classroom healthy eating lessons where none existed before
  • A parent coordinated, first-time walk-a-thon fundraiser
  • A parent showcased the registered dietitian career with an interactive lesson for all 5th and 6th grade students during Career Day

CIGNA Showcase School, Aventura Waterways K-8 Center, Miami, FL, Vicki Ellis-Hatch, RD, PTA Vice President

Wellington-Napolean R-IX Elementary School showcases how small changes in daily practices can add up to a healthier school environment for all! See the examples below.

  • Enhanced a popular school-community event with the addition of a wellness fair for all ages.
  • Increased from 0% to 100% the number of school events and vending machines offering healthy options.
  • Changed from offering high-fat, high-sugar treats, which kids purchase as “extras” on the cafeteria cart, to only healthy foods 100% of the time.
  • Switched from classroom rewards of candy, gum, and soda to using nonfood rewards 100% of the time! As a result, because extra recess time was given as a reward, more minutes of motion have been added to the day!
  • Increased healthy options at monthly parties from 0% to 100% of the time.
  • Summer science class curriculum changed to teach healthy lifestyle choices and add minutes of motion daily…a change from 0% to 100% of the time!
  • Initiated staff support and training for wellness using HKC’s WOWS biweekly e-newsletter. Before, 0% of staff received WOWS, and now 100% receive it weekly!
  • At least 50% of staff integrated healthy eating into their classroom lessons.
  • For the first time, included healthy tips in all monthly family newsletters.
  • Increased participation in a staff wellness walking program from 5% to 30% - good for staff health and role-modeling to students! In addition, increased role-modeling by having lunch with students from 10% to 100% of staff one day a week.
Cigna Showcase School, Wellingon-Napolean R-IX Elementary School, Wellington, MO, Tanja Kubis, 6th grade teacher

“Our experience as a Showcase school has been really good! It made us look at healthy choices in a way that we may not have before. I’ve learned how to incorporate health and wellness into my everyday classroom practices. We’ve set many ideas into motion that are easy to implement and maintain. This program has also helped me focus on this effort being school-wide and not just in my classroom.”

The Florence Rideout Elementary school nurse had 95% of the staff support school-wide actions and demonstrate enthusiasm for students by helping with promotions and implementing classroom lessons to reinforce those promotions! 

  • A first ever fruit and veggie challenge had 100% school participation and built in opportunities to develop student-teacher support of healthy choices. The kids encouraged the teachers to bring/eat fruits or veggies so their class could get credit!
  • Daily morning healthy announcements were introduced this year to start each day with an increased focus on school-wide fitness for the 289 students and all staff!
  • There was increased awareness and knowledge for all parents by initiating a monthly newsletter with additional special topics sent in between issues.
  • Health board displays for parents were made by incorporating the HKC monthly "quick tips."

HKC-Cigna Making Strides School, Florence Rideout Elementary, Wilton, NH, Diana Zoltko, School Nurse