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Pizza, Vegetables, and a Side of Healthy Balance

Despite what the media headlines may lead you to believe, Congress has not declared pizza a vegetable. The bottom line is the tomato paste on the pizza still counts as a vegetable serving according to federal regulations for school lunch programs. (If you want more explanation than that, read this article from the LA Times: ‘Pizza vegetable’ controversy is hot potato.)

But, honestly, the real bottom line? We all need to find some healthy balance when it comes to nutrition for kids. Childhood obesity did not start overnight, and it won’t get fixed overnight either. Don’t get caught up in the blame game. The true solution to this epidemic is that many solutions are needed, which must mesh into a new culture of health for all of us.


Congrats to My Healthy Challenge Winners!

Thanks and congrats to these 3 Healthy Kids Challenge fans who make healthy living a habit! They not only take personal wellness seriously, they also help kids learn to make healthy choices every day. Check out their stories, and consider sending us yours!

Emily Encourages Eating Fruits & Veggies the FUN Way

“We incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables into smoothies. My kids eat one every day that usually has 3-5 different fruits and veggies. We also like to do stir-fry or roasted veggies with 3-5 different veggies mixed in so there is something each child likes, plus something new to try. We also love to add fruits and vegetables to ice pops! One of our favorite recipes includes a peeled zucchini, a peeled cucumber, cut up pineapple and fresh lemon juice. You don’t even taste the veggies and they are super refreshing on a hot day!” – Emily Barker, Idaho