Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Build a Better Breakfast with MyPlate

Eating breakfast supports academic success, so bring attention to this healthy habit! Start the school year with the fun MyPlate activity below for the kids you lead.

Help kids hear the message that eating breakfast provides GO Power!

Let them see examples of healthy, tasty food choices and active play ideas.

Let them do by providing interactive lessons.

Hear - See - Do Activity Idea

Adapted from Balance My Day™ nutrition curriculum K-2 Grades. Supplies: MyPlate food pictures, paper plates(1 for each child), glue/tape, crayons

  1. Place a variety of food pictures representing MyPlate food groups around the classroom.
  2. Explain that the kids will be creating a healthy breakfast meal on their paper plate. To be healthy, the picture should include at least 3 MyPlate food groups, like Grains, Fruit, and Dairy, but could include others also. Encourage kids to choose breakfast foods lower in added sugar and fat.
  3. Explain that when you say "go", the kids will move around the room and choose ONE food for their breakfast plate and return to their desk. Let them know that as they move around, you will call out movements like hop, walk or skip to perform.
  4. Explain they will be able to repeat this picture selection at least 2 more times and to include at least 3 different food groups.
  5. After selecting their breakfast foods, have kids identify the foods and food groups. Glue or tape the food pictures on their plates or draw.