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23 Ways to Eat Right with Color!

You know, every day is a good day to Eat Right with Color. You don’t have to wait for National Nutrition Month every year to take the challenge! Here is a convenient listing of all the challenges from our “Eat Right with Color Challenge”. If you missed it in March, we challenge you to start now! You may also want to use these for easy newsletter tips, payroll inserts, or even bulletin board ideas.

  • Eat Right with Fruit. The color of my favorite fruit is _____. Challenge yourself to eat fruits of this color today.
  • Eat Right with Veggies. The color of my favorite veggie is ______. Challenge yourself to eat veggies of this color today.
  • Mix it up! Make a fruit smoothie every morning for breakfast. Try frozen berries and banana slices mixed with low-fat yogurt, and even a tablespoon of peanut butter.
  • Pack some power. Toss some baby carrots or celery sticks into a plastic sack and into your bag before leaving the house each morning. Challenge yourself to eat them before lunch!
  • Rate Your Plate! Find out how you rate when it comes to making daily meal choices.
  • Color your plate with whole grains & explore the variety! Try barley, brown rice, bulgur or quinoa; in a soup, side dish or salad.
  • Fruit Snacks. Try fruit as part of one snack each day. Choose from your favorite fruit – fresh, frozen, canned or dried!
  • Veggies PLUS. Eat an additional serving of veggies for dinner every day.
  • Healthy Dessert Alert. Have applesauce, fruit cocktail, or canned peaches for dessert.
  • Veggie Fresh. At the market, make it a point to purchase some fresh vegetables on sale and eat them for a meal within 24 hours.
  • Color your snack with calcium. Try low-fat cheese and apple slices, use blended low-fat cottage cheese as a veggie dip, top canned fruits with low-fat yogurt, or drink a glass of low-fat milk.
  • Canned on hand? Eat a can of veggies from your pantry. 
  • Be Creative! Combine different fruit and veggie colors and flavors. Strawberries/bananas, tomatoes/peppers, or pineapple salsa.
  • Nature’s Fast Food. Carry home-made fruit snack packs when traveling or on the go!
  • Color Champions! Increase your kids’ fruit and vegetable intake by trying any one of the tasty winning recipes from last year’s Stirring Up Health Recipe Contest.
  • Eat Right with White. White foods have colorful nutrients too! Kids can try mushrooms and onions on top of a grilled steak, a fresh garden salad, and sliced bananas.
  • Fresh, frozen or canned: It’s easy for kids to eat an additional serving of veggies at dinner tonight. Try an easy Del Monte recipe with added veggies.
  • Go Green! For lunch kids can enjoy a leafy green salad before they eat anything else.
  • Change the texture: Use pureed fruits (berries, apples, peaches, pears) to top kids’ pancakes, French toast or waffles! So different and so yummy!
  • Try veggies in a veggie – stuffed peppers – for a great tasting snack or side dish. 
  • Canned Counts. Open up a can of veggies or fruit and enjoy for a healthy afternoon snack!
  • Delicious Dessert. Plan to eat fresh or canned fruit for dessert after every evening meal, instead of high fat or sugary options.
  • Dip It. Plan to snack on fresh veggies and add a tasty low-fat dip.

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