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3 Tips for Our Family Health Challenge

3 Tips for Our Family Health Challenge  

The Challenge: Make it easier for your family to choose healthy foods - at home, eating out, wherever! Building on the ideas from this week’s WOWS newsletter, here are some simple ways to make it happen:

  1. Keep grab ‘n go breakfast ideas in reach, like string cheese, whole grain crackers and an apple.
  2. Try a new fruit or veggie, like jicama or starfruit, as a family.
  3. Flavor ice cold water with lemon, lime, or orange slices to give it a zing when choosing it as a mealtime beverage instead of sugary drinks.

Also, I want to point out that Let’s Move Healthy Families is a great resource, aligned with our principles, providing ideas like:

  • Mix vegetables into dishes, like adding peas to rice, or cucumbers to a sandwich
  • Choose lean cuts of meat like skinless chicken or extra lean ground beef for hamburgers or pasta sauces
  • Have kids drink water at snack time
  • Kids are smaller than adults and should eat smaller portions

There are so many ways you can meet this family challenge, but you must first CHOOSE to take action. Today’s a great day to start!