Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

3 Keys to Kids' Health this Holiday Season

Do yourself and your kids a favor by role-modeling healthy eating and physical activity during this holiday season.

1. Role-modeling Healthy Behaviors

As families gather:

  • Show your kids how to eat healthy portions of foods and treats by using moderation in your own eating.
  • Choose to eat healthy snacks between meals like raw veggies and low fat Ranch dressing, low fat cheese and whole grain crackers, or fruit.
  • Encourage healthy balance by making time for fun physical activity for yourself and the kids. Depending on the weather, organize a family touch football game, take a hike, go sledding, or build a snowman.

2. Plan ahead for holiday eating.

  • Offer to bring a fruit or veggie platter with a low fat dip to a gathering, so you can ensure there will be lower fat/sugar foods to eat.
  • Choose your beverages wisely. Set a limit for higher sugar/fat drinks (punch, soda, egg nog). Water is your healthiest choice!
  • Bring healthy snacks (raw veggies, graham crackers, single serving nuts, fresh fruit) to work to resist holiday treats that show up at the office.
  • Keep holiday treats out of sight at home. Plan to eat those foods at a set time, such as dinner dessert, instead of nibbling throughout the day.

3. Plan ahead for physical activity.

  • Get up a little earlier to stretch or do yoga for a great start to your day!
  • Commit to walking during your lunch break. Bring a healthy sack lunch, grab a co-worker to go with you, and you both may develop a healthy habit!
  • Climb the stairs, park a little further away--add more movement in your daily routines.  

What tips work for you?