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3 More Physical Activity Questions Answered

SPARK, our Partner in Health for Physical Education and physical activity, shared some of their expertise with us in this second part of our ongoing blog series. 

This month we're featuring answers to three physical education and activity questions we hear most from teachers.

1. I want simple games and activities that improve hand/eye coordination (which we know is great for reading skills too!).

Striking activities work very well to improve hand-eye coordination.  In the SPARK K-2 unit choose activities from the Dribbling, Volleying, and Striking Unit, and in the 3-6 curriculum try the racquets and paddles unit.  These units will provide fun and easy activities to develop their skills.  

2. I know SPARK has been well researched and found to be a leading PE program.  Can you explain what sets SPARK aside from others out there?

SPARK has been proven to work and last.  Over 45 publications have been written to support this claim.  SPARK is the ONLY National Institutes of Health researched program that positively affects ALL of these outcomes:  Activity levels, fitness, sport skills, enjoyment, and academic achievement.  Teachers improve the quality and quantity of instruction, and the positive effects of SPARK are lasting.   

3. How do I get our coaches to embrace SPARK and what they offer?

Share the valuable content and resources that SPARK has to offer.  This includes instructional units designed to increase fitness levels, develop sport-specific skills, and promote cooperation, teamwork, and lifetime activity.  In the sport-skill units, students practice basic skills and apply strategies during individual skill builders, partner challenges, and small-sided modified games. 

Let us know what you think of these questions and answers!  If your school needs to develop a healthier environment, together, SPARK and HKC offer an "IGNITE a Healthy Environment" Program.