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Active Play: Part 6 of the Healthy Kids Challenge Way to Teach MyPlate to Kids

Active Play Every Day is one of the HKC Healthy6 messages, and matches up with MyPlate key messages teaching kids to "Be Active Your Way". Teach Active Play to kids using this lesson titled Active Play in Every Day. Utilize MyPlate and activities kids enjoy to help kids hear, see, and practice the lesson.

Active Play in Every Day (Lesson 7: Grades 3-5, Balance My DayTM)

Outcomes: HECAT Standards 1.11, 1.15

Sample Discussion Point: For most kids, eating a healthy plate and less of high fat and added sugar foods, plus 60 minutes of Active Play every day gives healthy balance. If you eat too much fat and sugar, it is hard or impossible to get enough Active Play to balance the “energy in”.

Sample Discussion Question: If you have more “energy in” (food or drink), than the “energy out”, what can happen?


1. Divide kids into teams of 4. Explain that too much TV and screen time (like computers and video games) keep kids and adults from getting enough Active Play.

2. Ask teams to come up with 4 kinds of Active Play with these “rules”:

  • The activities are something everyone on the team likes. Finding things you like to do together is a way you and your friends can encourage each other to be active.
  • They are activities most people can do at any time and they do not cost or require traveling far to participate.

3. As a whole group, ask teams to share and discuss their activity ideas. If time allows, perform some of the Active Play ideas.

4. Distribute the Lesson 7 Worksheet. Guide kids to individually complete the worksheet.

Move and Learn

Perform “My Body” - An activity of song and motion!

1. Practice singing the following lyrics to the tune of My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean:

-My body lies over the sofa.
-My body watches too much TV.
-My body lies over the armchair, oh bring back my body to me.
-Bring back, bring back, oh bring back my body to me, to me.
-Bring back, bring back, oh bring back my body to me.

2. Once the class is familiar with the lyrics, explain they should sit or stand each time they sing a word beginning with “b”.

3. Start in a standing position. (At the end, everyone should be standing.)

4. Explain too much TV and screen time means less Active Play and less “energy in” balance.

5. Choose at least 60 minutes of Active Play every day.

Balance My Day nutrition education


Healthy weight happens when “energy in” (food and drinks) = “energy out” (Active Play”). Too much high fat and added sugar food can overload “energy in”, making it hard to get enough Active Play for good balance.

These are just sample parts of Lesson 7 - the sample lesson activity and the Move and Learn activity are from p. 111 in grades 3-5 Balance My Day Nutrition Education Curriculum. The worksheet, , discussion points and questions, and answer key are available for your review, along with school nutrition services and Taste and Learn activities supporting this lesson. Learn more on the Balance My Day Nutrition Education Curriculum page, or contact us with questions.