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Break the Code for Breakfast Power: A Sample School Nutrition Services Lesson

Throughout the 6-part series, The Healthy Kids Challenge Way to Teach MyPlate to Kids, I’ve noted the fact that we’re only providing parts of the comprehensive lessons. Here is a sample lesson for School Nutrition Services staff, which enhances the classroom MyPlate lessons.

Use this activity to build connections with kids to increase school meal participation and support classroom nutrition education!

Break the Code for Breakfast Power (p. 208, School Nutrition Services Section, Grades 3-5, Balance My DayTM)

  • In classroom Breakfast GO Power lessons, kids are learning that breakfast helps give them:
    • GO Power to feel less tired
    • HEALTH Power with more vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients
    • BRAIN Power to make learning easier

Materials: Worksheet (p..218), Pencils


1. Collaborate with the teacher(s) to show kids the GO Power of school breakfast!

2. Show kids school breakfast menus and corresponding nutrient analysis. Point out all the different nutrients indicated by the analysis. If your school does not do an analysis, talk about the menu guidelines your are required to use to ensure nutrient needs are met. Bring several Child Nutrition labels to class to show kids how you ensure prepared foods meet guidelines.

3. Use the Break the Code for Breakfast Power Worksheet to reinforce the message.

School Nutrition Services is the ideal partner to enhance the classroom lessons. In addition to reinforcing curriculum lessons, suggested activities create appeal for School Nutrition Services and healthy eating using:

  • Bulletin boards
  • Theme days and other meal participation marketing
  • Classroom connections (including worksheets)
  • Role-modeling
  • Family connections