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Challenge Special: Snack Attack Activity and Two Printables

Challenge Special: Snack Attack Activity and Two Printables  

Honoring our special April Healthy Foods Challenges, we have 3 freebies to help you meet those challenges this month. Enjoy!

Snack Attack Activity

1. Ask kids to name benefits of snacks containing less fat and less added sugar.

  • Help us feel good and feel good about ourselves
  • A healthier body weight
  • A healthier heart
  • Gives more nutrients to do our best in school

2. Discuss why we make the choices we do. Is it because the snacks:

  • Taste good?
  • Are easy to fix?
  • Satisfy hunger or give energy?
  • Are what their parents or someone else buys or fixes?
  • Are the coolest ones to eat?

For the entire April monthly activity instructions, click here. This activity is also found on pages 93-94 of the Balance My Day Nutrition Curriculum-Grades 6-8. One of my favorites!

TWO Snack Attack Printables!

Grab 'n Go Snack Ideas

When on the go, bring along energizing snacks! Whether traveling, camping, or transporting kids to activities, the following ideas are sure to help you satisfy those hunger attacks in a hectic day.

Healthy School Celebration Snack Ideas

Make the next happy celebration a healthy one too! These snack ideas and activities can be as popular as the traditional high fat and sugar party foods!