Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

“A great learning experience and so much fun that the kids can make a bracelet as well!”

“A great learning experience and so much fun that the kids can make a bracelet as well", exclaimed a grandmother as she finished the Explore MyPlate event at the Disney Marathon Expo. The day was filled with health and physical activity!

“Fantastic!” Just one of the many praises overheard as people couldn’t wait to bring their family and grandchildren through a live walking tour of MyPlate. Many kids came by twice wanting to talk more and touch the food and ask more questions.

If you weren’t able to attend but want a glimpse of what the Explore MyPlate experience is all about, hear it from other participants first:

What was your favorite part of Explore MyPlate?

“It’s so fun and brightly colored and you learn what foods make you healthy.”

“The bracelet and the activity table were fun. It was fun to roll the dice and play the game.”

“The interactive nature of the event, made nutrition education fun and exciting.”

“The staff really spoke to each child on their level to help them learn all about MyPlate.”

Of the different Explore MyPlate stations, which was the most interesting?

“The Explore More table. They had sugar cubes and fat that showed how much was in snacks, candy and soda.”

Did you learn anything new?

“What surprised me the most was that all foods are okay. It's about making better choices."

“I really like the visual of the butter and sugar cubes - showing how much fat is in chips and how much sugar is in candy and soda.”

“I learned there is so much sugar in pop and a bag of Skittles. I can choose other sweet foods like blueberries or an apple for a snack.”

What would you like to share with others about your Explore MyPlate experience?

“Excellent--very organized and everybody was nice and helpful.”

“I would love to see this at my kid’s school!”

“I would recommend this because it was an easy and straight forward way to present My Plate. The way the set-up was made the message clear about what foods are in what food groups. The interactive nature allowed children to touch and feel food and make a bracelet -a physical reminder of the messages from the event. The staff was very informative and not judgmental when talking about children's diets.”

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