Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Solutions: School Meal Policies

A Healthy Kids Challenge view of school meal standards when it comes to wellness…and one of our simple, every day, evidence-based solutions. 

What Schools Tell Us: 

We meet the minimum USDA school meal standards, isn't that enough? 

Research Confirms:

Based on the Bridging the Gap research program, most districts established a wellness policy that required the nutritional guidelines for school meals to meet the minimum USDA school meal standards, but they are based on the outdated 1995 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and don't reflect current nutrition science. However, more than 50 percent of all students nationwide were enrolled in a district with a policy that clearly required the school meal standards to meet or exceed the more stringent 2005 Dietary Guidelines.


Simple Steps! Add one healthy school meal addition or change at a time to see how easy it can be! 

The HKC best practice,School Foodservice Makes a Healthy Impact, shows that a simple menu addition of Ranch dressing and raw veggies can increase healthy veggie choices made by kids at lunch! 

Putting Simple School Meal Changes into Action = Best Practice 

Let us know the healthy school meal changes you have made!