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Disney Marathon Weekend Expo Helps Families Find Health

Disney Marathon Weekend Expo Helps Families Find Health
Healthy Kids Challenge Walk Through the Pyramid at Disney Marathon Weekend Expo Get in on the action at the Walk Through the PyramidTM during the Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend Expo. Thousands of families will get to actually walk through the food pyramid, learning healthy food choices and getting some activity at the same time! Healthy Kids Challenge® and presenting sponsor Cigna are partners with the goal of educating families about making healthy behavior a priority and to help children integrate these habits into their everyday routines.

Even in the rain and freezing temperatures last year, Cigna employees’ families were among Walk Through the Pyramid participants who waited in line for the experience.

"My kids were there and loved the Healthy Kids Challenge experience. They wore their pyramid bracelets the whole weekend!" Patty Caballero, Cigna

Cigna and Healthy Kids Challenge have collaborated for several years, working together to develop and implement programs that drive behavioral changes in many important settings where kids and families live, learn, work and play.

This year one of our Healthy Kids Challenge staff will join the Cigna running team at the races as well! Tiffany ran her first marathon at Disney World in 2008 (see previous post), and this year she has accepted an even greater challenge – she is racing Goofys Race and a Half Challenge.

We at Healthy Kids Challenge want to recognize our staff member, Tiffany, and all the Cigna runners for truly making healthy behavior a priority for themselves and their families! Of course showing off a Mickey or a Goofy medal will be fun, too!

Remember to participate in the Walk Through the Pyramid and meet our “Goofy Challenger” from Healthy Kids Challenge!