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Drink Think: Part 4 of the Healthy Kids Challenge Way to Teach MyPlate to Kids

Drink Think is one of the HKC Healthy6 messages, and matches up with MyPlate key messages teaching kids to drink milk and water instead of sugary drinks. Teach Drink Think to kids using this lesson titled Think Breakfast Drinks. Utilize MyPlate and a milk experiment to help kids hear, see, and practice the lesson.
Think Breakfast Drinks (Lesson 5: Grades 3-5, Balance My DayTM)

Outcomes: HECAT Standards 1.8, 1.11, 3.4, 7.5

Materials: Dairy group food cards, Milk, 3 shallow bowls, dish soap, food coloring, cotton swabs

Sample Discussion Point
MyPlate recommends kids ages 9-13 choose 3 cups of low fat or fat free milk (or calcium equivalents) each day.

Sample Discussion Question
Do the drinks you choose for breakfast have added sugar and are they high in fat?


1. Perform the Milk Fat Experiment. (Use Teacher’s Resource, p. 70 in Balance My Day. The source for this experiment is the American Chemical Society, Science for Kids, and can be downloaded at

2. Talk about how food labels are a good source of nutrition information. Many popular drinks are high in fat and added sugar.

3. Using the Lesson 5 Worksheet-1, have kids
a. look at the milk Nutrition Facts labels and locate the fat content.
b. determine if the amount of fat listed confirms what they saw in the experiment.

4. Now look at the chocolate milk label and locate the fat. Point out some chocolate milk is low in fat, but this is not. Compare the amount of sugar in the chocolate milk with that in the whole milk. Compare the list of ingredients. (Sugar and corn syrup are added sugars.)

5. Look at the Nutrition Facts label serving sizes. How much milk does MyPlate recommend each day? How do these serving sizes compare?

Move and Learn

Explain to feel our best, it takes a partnership of healthy eating choices (energy in) and Active Play (energy out).
  • Partners for healthy balance: choosing less of foods and beverages high in fat and added sugar and Active Play.
  • Partners for strong bones: Calcium we get from milk (and other foods) and Active Play. When we include weight-bearing activities, there is better calcium absorption.
  • “Partner-up” 3 servings of milk and weight-bearing activities for stronger bones.
  • Practice these weight-bearing movements while discussing the partnerships:

* Walk in place
* Hop forward and then back
* Dance
* Play hopscotch
* Jump rope

Drink Think milk!


Drink Think at breakfast. Drinking three cups of milk a day is a healthy choice. Milk is rich in calcium and Vitamin D. For a healthy heart and healthy balance, choose foods low in fat and added sugar.

These are just sample parts of Lesson 5 - the sample lesson activity and the Move and Learn activity are from p. 47 in Grades 3-5 Balance My DayTM Nutrition Education Curriculum. The worksheet, student assessment, discussion points and questions, and answer key are available for your review, along with school nutrition services and Taste and Learn activities supporting this lesson. Learn more on the Balance My Day Nutrition Education Curriculum page, or contact us with questions.