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Fruits & Vegetables: Part 2 of the Healthy Kids Challenge Way to Teach MyPlate to Kids

Fruits & Veggies Every Day the Tasty Way is one of the HKC Healthy6 messages, and matches up with MyPlate key messages teaching kids to make 1/2 their plates fruits & veggies. Teach Fruits & Veggies Every Day the Tasty Way to kids using this lesson titled Fruits & Veggies, Crunch and Munch. Utilize MyPlate and colors of the fruit & veggie rainbow to help kids hear, see, and practice the lesson. 

Fruits & Veggies, Crunch and Munch (Lesson 6: Grades 3-5, Balance My Day)

Outcomes: This lesson meets HECAT Standards 1.6, 6.1, 6.4, 7.4, 8.2, 8.3

Materials: Crayons, paper plates


  1. On a paper plate, have kids draw a rainbow with fruit and veggie color bands (purple/blue-green-white-red-yellow/orange). Make the color band wide enough to write in fruits and veggies. Label the colors of the bands.
  2. In the appropriate color band, ask kids to write the fruits and veggies they ate yesterday and today. Determine the color by the edible portion. For example, bananas are white because the yellow peel is not edible. Refer to the Teacher Resource, Fruits and Veggies Color Category.
  3. As a class, for each color group tally the number of fruits and veggies eaten and most/least colors consumed. Graph the results.
  4. Identify textures. Ask kids to determine how the number of “crunchy” fruits and veggies compares to the number of “soft” fruits and veggies. Talk about how to add variety with different fruit and veggie colors and textures to the day.
  5. Distribute Lesson 6 Fruit & Veggie Log.
    1. Ask kids to keep a two-day log. At the end of two days, have them bring the log to class and underline each entry with the corresponding color.
    2. Discuss the colors, textures, what was most/least reported, and how to add more color or variety.

Move and Learn:

  1. Divide kids into groups of 4-5 and ask each group to form a circle.
  2. Have each kid think of
    1. their favorite fruit or veggie (f/v)
    2. a movement (hop, touch toes, etc)
  3. Identify a start point on the circle. The first kid will announce their choice of f/v and movement. Everyone in the circle will repeat the f/v and perform the movement.
  4. Move clockwise to the second kid and so on, repeating the activity.
  5. Continue in this manner until the circle is complete.


Choose plant foods like fruits, veggies, and whole grains for fiber. For the greatest amount of fiber, eat the skin of fruits and veggies and choose fruit instead of juice. Fiber makes us feel full, making overeating less likely. Fiber also helps lower cholesterol for a healthier heart and keeps food moving through our digestive system.

Balance My Day

These are just 2 parts of Lesson 6-  the sample lesson activity and the Move and Learn activity from p. 165 in grades 3-5 Balance My Day Nutrition Education Curriculum. The worksheet, teacher resource, fruit/veggie log, student assessment, discussion points and questions, and answer key are available for your review, along with school nutrition services and Taste and Learn activities supporting this lesson. Learn more on the Balance My Day Nutrition Education Curriculum page, or contact us with questions.