Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Healthy Evidence Based Strategies-Part 1

I think the strategies we use at Healthy Kids Challenge are unique because we combine the most current evidence based strategies with our own "twist on healthy" to help kids and families achieve healthy behaviors.

Walk Through the Pyramid interactive learning event in Chicago

Evidence based strategies...are tested through time and proven at achieving desired outcomes. We utilize the following as the foundation of our best practice recommendations:

  • National standards of practice and current professional theories including CDC, Institute of Medicine, Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and MyPyramid
  • Studies connecting academic performance to eating and physical activity
  • Measurable objectives that address one or more of the following: knowledge, attitudes, skills, behaviors, policy, and environment
  • Effective behavior education strategies

Evidence based strategies...are the foundation for Healthy Kids Challenge lessons and activity ideas. Combining them with the new twist on healthy makes it easy and simple and FUN to apply these strategies every day. A great example: our weekly Wednesday WOWS E-newsletter. Come back for more in Part 2 next week!