Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

HEAR-SEE-DO Success at CA School Wellness Conf.

Two of us Healthy Kids Challenge RD’s were in Anaheim last week, where over 1000 conference participants experienced our Explore MyPlate hands-on learning experience.  It brings the USDA MyPyramid to life with its unique blend of “edu-tainment”! Food trivia, choosing favorites from each MyPyramid food group, rolling the dice in an active game, and even creating a MyPyramid bracelet are all a part of the fun learning.

95% of participants indicated this was a real world solution they could easily implement for staff, kids, and families in a multitude of environments. 

Our breakout session, “Promoting Healthy Lifestyles, Make it a Challenge!” showcased evidence-based healthy solutions we use in practice every day:

  • A team approach to school wellness
  • Collaboration amongst partners in and out of school
  • Student involvement

Feedback was awesome!  Participants told us:  “I can make this work for elementary, middle or high school, what adaptable ideas!”  and “One of the best sessions I attended at the conference for useability!”