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How to Make School Lunch Changes Easier - Part 2

How to Make School Lunch Changes Easier - Part 2

Happy National School Lunch Week! This is part 2 in a series of posts we’re doing on celebrating the positive school lunch changes in schools across the country.

Before we celebrate today, I want to challenge you to DO something in honor of National School Lunch Week: Go to a school (your kids’ school, a school in your neighborhood, your old school, any school) to eat lunch and Tweet about the healthy food. Let’s get our schools and our kids on board with eating the new, healthy school meals so they are ready to learn and play! When you Tweet, be sure to add the hashtag #schoolfoodsrule so everyone can follow the conversation.

Now on with the celebration...

C - Chopped. School Nutrition Professionals Compete on the Food Network Show Chopped. See how much these ladies love the kids they serve!

E - Eat with your eyes on the Facebook page of the Child Nutrition Program at Provo School District in Utah.

L - Leading the lunch lines: Middle school students are fruit and veggie ambassadors at Slater Jr. High School in Pawtucket, RI.

E - Enjoy a little taste of Tray Talk.

B - Breaking down barriers: In Akron, Ohio the school lunches are “ahead of the curve.”

R - Rock solid: School Meals that Rock.

A - Adults are cooking up positive role modeling: Check out the food coaching program at Hopkins Public Schools in Minnesota.

T - Take a Deeper Look Into School Lunch.

E - Eat your heart out in Oregon: School lunches: Thoughts and tips from a school chef, a farm to school program director, a dietitian, a vegan blogger and a sixth-grader

Remember to say thank you to your school foodservice directors and staff this week for all their hard work and dedication. Hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s National School Lunch week.