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Tap Into Water 5-29-2013

We assume kids know how important water is to drink, but do they? Help kids think about what they drink--starting with water! Use the following activity ideas to develop water awareness and encourage more water drinking with the kids you lead this summer.

Get Kids Cooking 5-22-2013

Teaching kids how to prepare tasty, healthy foods is not only fun, but empowering for them. Kids can be creative and take pride in learning cooking skills. As you plan youth programming this summer, make sure to include opportunities for kids to prepare their own simple snacks and beverages.

Celebrate Healthy Change 5-15-2013

As the school year comes to an end, reflect and enjoy the healthy progress your school or youth organization has made toward healthy eating and physical activity! Celebrate those positive policy, program, and environmental changes--you've earned it!

Get Active and Play 5-8-2013

Kids LOVE to play and it's even better when it's physically active! May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, so help the kids you lead learn that fitness can be fun when they choose ACTIVE play. Use the following ideas to provide plenty of active play time during the day!

Try Fun Summer Activities for Healthy Kids 5-1-2013

Summer break from school can span anywhere from May until September for kids, so provide parents fun physical activity challenges and ideas to keep kids moving all summer!

Get Healthy Food in Kids' Hands 4-10-20133 8 

Take action with our weekly wellness challenges! This month's focus is on making it easier to access healthy foods everywhere people live, learn, work and play. Last week we challenged individuals to eat more fruits and veggies. This week we are addressing schools and youth groups.  

Take The Challenge: More Fruits & Veggies  4-3-20133 8 

Join in our motivating weekly wellness challenges! This month's focus is on making it easier to access healthy foods everywhere people live, learn, work and play. Each week's challenge will target one of four groups: individuals, schools/youth groups, families or communities. This first week starts with a challenge for individuals.

Active Schools Ahead 3-27-20133 8 

As National Nutrition Month is ending, keep the healthy messages flowing with physical activity promotions. Let's Move! Active Schools is a perfect way to assist students in achieving 60 minutes of physical activity before, during and after the school day.   

Plant a Seed, Watch it Grow 3-13-20133 8 

National Nutrition Month is a great time to plan and take action on implementing school or community gardens! We know that gardening with kids provides physical activity and helps develop healthy fruit & veggie eating habits. 

Follow the Leader 3-6-20133 8 

Follow the Leader"...a simple game can become a powerful tool for healthy habits. One of the most effective ways to change an environment and teach healthy habits to kids is to role-model those behaviors. Now, during National Nutrition Month®, try one of the suggestions below to make a healthy impression on the kids you lead!  

Win a 2013 PEP Grant  2-27-20133 8 

The Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) Grant is now accepting applications. Healthy Kids Challenge® is SPARK's nutrition education partner, providing nutrition education training, distance assistance and curriculum nationwide since nutrition education was added to PEP requirements in 2010; and has assisted over 50 PEP winners. 

Be A Star with School Breakfast  2-20-20133 8 

Plan ahead for National School Breakfast Week, March 4-8, 2013. The theme, "Be A Star with School Breakfast", emphasizes how kids can "shine bright" throughout the day by eating a healthy morning meal!  

Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day 2-13-20133 8 

"Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day", is the theme for this year's National Nutrition Month (NNM)! The intent is to make healthy eating easier by incorporating individual food preferences, cultural and ethnic traditions, and lifestyles into a workable eating plan.

Physical Activity Policy Check-Up 2-6-20133 8 

Research tells us that kids need physical activity to be happy, healthy and academically fit! Look at the physical activity options that already exist for kids at your school or youth organization.

Kids' Ideas Count 1-30-20133 8 

Use Youth Advisory Councils (YAC) to connect with peers and generate interest in healthy eating at your school or youth organization. Provide suggestions, but let kids add their special ideas to create appealing and enticing food promotions.  

Hungry for Healthy 1-23-20133 8 

If you want kids to eat healthy fruits, veggies and whole grains, get those foods in their hands to prepare and cook! Middleschoolers develop interest for nutritious foods when they can create colorful and tasty recipes.  

Develop Food Appeal 1-16-20133 8 

If you want kids to eat healthy fruits, veggies and whole grains, get those foods in their hands to prepare and cook! Middleschoolers develop interest for nutritious foods when they can create colorful and tasty recipes.  

Take the Healthiest School Challenge 1-9-20133 8 

According to the School Nutrition Association, “school nutrition professionals are welcoming recently announced changes to federal school-meal standards that allow them to serve more grains and protein.” The relaxed standards are giving flexibility. 

Holiday Wigglers Need Brain Breaks 12-12-2012 8 

You've seen it winter vacation approaches and excitement builds, kids get fidgety and need more help focusing on school work. Help kids re-group and have fun along the way with "brain break" activities.  

Holiday Move More's 12-05-2012 8 

Tis the season, but rather than more sweet, gooey "S'mores", plan a little holiday balance with "Move More's". Our nutrition curriculum "Move More" activities work for fidgety kids in the classroom and in afterschool programs. Use the following ideas! 

"On The Go" Family Meal Ideas  11-28-2012 8 

Research tells us that family mealtime improves our kid's food choices, supports healthy self-esteem and academic performance. Yet, holiday preparations, late work hours and kids' extra-curricular activities around the dinner hour cut into family meal opportunities. 

Help Kids Stir Up Health 11-14-2012 8 

Kids are taking more of an interest in the foods they eat, and its preparation. Learning how to cook provides life-long healthy skills for the kids you lead, and it's fun!  

Smarter Lunchrooms Make the Grade 11-07-2012 8 

Simply put, a "smarter" lunchroom is one that nudges kids towards nutritious foods. The Smarter Lunchroom Movement of Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, applies research-based principles that lead children to make healthy food choices. 

School Cafeterias: Healthy Habit Hubs 10-31-2012 8 

The majority of kids visit the school cafeteria daily, so what better place to promote wellness! Highlight all the tasty changes going on with school lunch for healthy and happy kids! 

Hauntingly Healthy Halloween Fun 10-24-2012 8 

Halloween is such an exciting time for kids, young and old! Tap into their interest and provide fun learning, physical activity and healthy snacking in the classroom or group setting with these Halloween-themed ideas. 

School Meal Appeal  10-17-2012 8 

"Actions speak louder than words" and "be a part of the change you want to create" have significant implications connected to today's conversations we are having about changes in school meals! Bring the positives to light and lead by example. Start discussions that create solutions. 

Fun Learning from Food Day Festivities  10-10-2012 8 

October 24th marks Food Day, a nationwide celebration and movement toward more healthy, affordable and sustainable food. Food Day provides a chance for schools, youth groups and community organizations to offer awareness of healthy food choices, such as fruits and veggies! 

Physical Activity Supports Academic Success  10-03-2012 8 

Research proves the positive links between physical activity and academic performance, such as better attention and concentration. Since that connection is so important to learning, HKC includes physical activity in our materials and resources. From our preschool Berry, Berry Good booklet to our 6-8th grade Move and Learn nutrition curriculum lessons, active play is encouraged for all ages. 

Move Toward Healthier Fundraising 9-26-2012 8 

The message for healthier school environments and youth organizations is spreading, so new fundraising ideas are needed. Modify what you have been doing or use the interesting options below to promote a healthier focus! 

What's Cooking for School Lunch? 9-19-2012 8 

National School Lunch Week is October 15-19 and provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the positive changes that have been made in school lunch programs across the country!  

Dig It For Learning 9-12-2012 8 

This new school year, school nutrition services staff are offering healthier school meals that include more fruit and veggie choices. Support this healthy message of eating more fruits and veggies with your own classroom or youth group by growing a fall garden!  

Healthy School Makeover 9-05-2012 8 

YOUR school could win $45,000 in materials, training, and equipment!

In support of National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, SPARK has teamed-up with Healthy Kids Challenge® and other leading health and physical education organizations to provide a 2012 nationwide Healthy School Makeover Contest!  

Take Action For Healthy Kids 8-29-2012 8 

How can you lead kids toward a healthier lifestyle? Serving on a wellness committee provides needed support, but what can YOU do personally? We have some suggestions to help you start making a healthy impact now! 

Kids GO for Bright Fruit & Veggie Colors 8-22-2012 8 

September marks Fruits & Veggies-More Matters Month, so use the opportunity to promote eating the fruit & veggie colors of the rainbow!   

End of Summer Healthy Pondering 8-15-2012 8 

Each year in mid-August, as we wind down our lazy days of summer and gear up for back to school, I get the privilege, as the HKC Director, to write you my end of summer thoughts!  

Wellness Committees Motivate Healthy Habits - Part 2  8-08-2012 8 

Laughter, smiles, nutrition education, active play...all take place when your school or organization offers a special wellness activity or learning event! Piggyback a healthy event on an existing health fair, open house; or organize a stand alone event. Check out the ideas below! 

Wellness Committee Ideas Build Excitement for Healthy Habits-Part 1   8-01-2012

Kick off the school year with a healthy focus! Wellness committees, use the new school meal guidelines and recent Summer Olympics to springboard healthy eating and physical activity ideas at your school.

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Back to School: Healthy Classroom Ideas 7-25-2012

Teachers, Home Schools and Youth Leaders
During the past years that HKC has offered the amazing Stirring Up Health™ National Middle School Recipe Contest, we've also provided classroom ideas and activities to complement the contest goals.  

Experiments Spur Middle School Nutrition Discussions 7-18-2012

School nutrition staff, middle school teachers, and youth leaders
Catch your middle school students' attention with fun food science experiments and open the door to nutrition conversations! Food experiments provide a chance to learn more about healthy eating. Try the sample experiment below from HKC's Explore MyPlate with School Nutrition booklet with your middleschoolers and see how to transition into nutrition discussions.

Summer Olympics Active Play Ideas 7-11-2012

Join in the excitement of the approaching Summer Olympics! Let the kids you lead feel like "olympians" as they participate in these fun activities!

School Cafeterias Become Learning Labs 6-27-2012

School nutrition staff across the country are preparing to implement the new school meal guidelines this upcoming year. Turn your school's cafeteria into a true "learning lab" during this transition with these suggestions below to build awareness, excitement and fun for kids!

Healthy Snack'n Habits for Kids 6-20-2012

Teach kids the valuable life skill of food label reading with the foods that interest them.....snacks! By reading labels, kids begin to recognize high fat and added sugar in foods. The following activity is ideal for 3rd grade level and above. It is easy to use for summer programming, afterschool settings or classroom lessons. Try it out!

Middle School Summer Activity Ideas 6-13-2012

Summer school programming can address some unique concerns middle school kids have about nutrition. Body image and weight often come up in conversation. Use these non-threatening middle school ideas to promote healthy eating and physical activity for a healthy body weight!

Study Estimates a 64-Calorie Energy Gap 6-6-2012

To achieve the goals set by the U.S. government for reducing obesity rates by 2020, researchers calculated it would require children to eliminate an average of 64 excess calories per day. Increasing physical activity and/or reducing added sugar intake can “fill the gap” for many kids! HKC's Healthy6 messages have many practical ideas to “meet the challenge”. Why not try a summer time challenge with the kids you lead this summer.

Weight of the Nation: What YOU Can Do 5-30-2012

Recently, leaders from all disciplines met to discuss our nation's obesity problem at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's "Weight of the Nation" conference. The overriding theme was that it will take all of us, those in government, education, health care, industry and elsewhere, to solve this issue. For over 12 years, HKC and you, our partners in health, have been working towards a solution. We are making progress, and by getting others to join us, we can do more! Use the suggestions below to show others simple steps they can take today and tomorrow.

Connect Literacy with Healthy Habits 5-23-2012

Librarians, Youth Leaders, Teachers, Health Educators and Childcare Providers Incorporate healthy eating and physical activity themed reading into your preschool, after school or summer youth programs. It's a fun and easy way to reinforce healthy lifestyle concepts with kids.

Schools Serve Up Whole Grains 5-16-2012

School administrators and school nutrition services managers The new USDA school meal guidelines require that at least half of all grain foods be "whole grain rich" starting with the 2012-2013 school year. Help school cafeterias make a smooth transition by sharing the following whole grain resources and assisting with fun ideas to educate kids and their families about the wonders of whole grains!

Get Active and Play in May 5-9-2012

May is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month, so encourage kids and families to join in the fun and good health that active play brings. Use these suggestions for school, community or home to celebrate physical activity!

Get Kids Talking About Eating Healthy Veggies 5-2-2012

A quick way to teach kids nutrition is to provide a few facts, and then ask questions about how those facts relate to them. It gets kids thinking and discussing real-life situations. Try the ideas below to start healthy conversations about vegetables!

Family Active Play Ideas for a Healthy Summer 4-25-2012

Teachers and youth leaders: Help families develop the active play habit this summer! Share these planning ideas to add physical activity into their summer fun!

Healthy Eating Ideas for Families this Summer 4-18-2012

Teachers, school nurses and youth leaders: Encourage families to practice healthy eating choices using HKC's Healthy eating messages during summer picnics, at home or while traveling. Share these ideas below!

Jumpstart Wellness Plans Now! 4-11-2012

Schools, now is a great time to start planning next year's wellness activities. Many healthy eating and physical activity events can take place with just a few resources and a little bit of forethought. Add the following simple ideas into your 2012-2013 wellness calendar!

Successful School Meal Marketing: Student Advisory Groups Help 3-28-2012

With the new school meal guidelines in place, now is a great time to promote the positive, healthy meals and explore the changes kids will be seeing at your school! One of your best strategies could be creating a Student Advisory Group. These groups link school nutrition services, students and staff as they provide insight, problem-solve school meal issues, and bring fun and enthusiasm to the process. Take the steps below to get a group started!

Dig Up Fun and Health with School and Community Gardens 3-14-2012

School and community gardens have gained attention in the last few years, citing benefits for kids such as: fun, active learning and student engagement, a connection with nature, an opportunity to learn about more healthful food choices, physical activity, cooperation and community development.  There are many more benefits and some evolve as the garden program is implemented. Why wait? Use the suggestions below to get started on a school or youth community garden today!

Active Play Ideas for Families 2-29-2012

Encourage the parents of the kids you lead to join in the fun of active play. Physical activity increases concentration, lowers stress, improves self esteem, and many other benefits. It's a win-win for everyone as families build healthy habits together. Use the resources below to help the parents you know!

National School Breakfast Week: "Go For Gold" 2-22-2012

Highlight the importance of eating breakfast during National School Breakfast Week, March 5-9. The theme, School Breakfast--Go for Gold, supports the HealthierUS School Challenge and the First Lady's "Lets Move" goals. Share the following information with school nutrition services and teachers to help them promote the week!

National Nutrition Month Offers Healthy Fun! 2-15-2012

This year's National Nutrition Month theme for March is "Get Your Plate in Shape". The campaign suggests that before you eat, think about what goes on your plate, and use the MyPlate food groups as your guide. National Nutrition Month provides a great opportunity for schools, workplaces and community organizations to promote healthy eating and physical activity. Whether you are a classroom teacher, employer, administrator, nurse, cafeteria manager, PE teacher,or youth leader; use these fun and simple ideas!

Improved School Nutrition Standards:Spread the Word! 2-1-2012

Last week, the federal government released the new USDA School Nutrition Standards that will deliver healthier, more nutritious school meals to our nation's children. Improvements include: both fruit and vegetable choices every day, increased whole grain breads and pasta options, offering only low fat or fat free milk varieties, insuring proper portion sizes based on age and focus on reducing saturated fat, trans fats and sodium. School Nutrition Services will lead this significant endeavor! Gain support by educating administrators, teachers, parents and students about the healthy meals to come with these suggestions!

MyPlate - Snack Attack Lesson Helps Grow Healthy Kids 1-25-2012

Snack Attack, one of HKC's Healthy6 messages, shows how to make healthy food choices when that "between meal" hunger hits! Encourage the kids you lead to develop healthier snacking habits with this classroom activity!

Healthy Hydration All Winter 1-18-2012

When cold weather hits, many of us fail to drink adequate water in the winter. According to research, our brains just don't make hydration a priority when the temperature drops. Help those kids and families you lead drink plenty of water during the winter. Share these suggestions via E-mail, newsletter or as a take-home sheet.

Recipes Win Wellness 1-12-2012

All over the country, educators and parents are using the HKC Stirring Up Health™ Recipe Contest as a way to model and help kids build healthy habits. Seventh and eighth graders are learning healthy eating skills while creating a healthy recipe or making an existing recipe healthier.

Kids Cook Mondays 12-14-2011

During the holidays, or any time, letting kids help fix a meal can be a fun family activity. It can teach responsibility, balanced eating and basic cooking skills. This is all the more reason Healthy Kids Challenge supports the Kids Cook Mondays campaign! The Kids Cook Mondays initiative encourages families to set aside the first night of every week for cooking and eating together as a family. Challenge families to create healthy meals together by sharing the resources and suggestions below in a parent or staff newsletter!

Cafeteria Wellness Specials 11-30-2011

School cafeterias aren't JUST a place to eat, but an opportunity to nourish both body and mind with fun and healthy eating and physical activity messages. Use these suggestions to build excitement about wellness in your cafeteria!

Brain Breaks to Cure the Holiday Jitters 11-23-2011

When holiday anticipation causes restlessness in your classroom, incorporate a fun learning activity to draw their attention back. As we promised last week, here are more brain break ideas to use for just those times!

Healthy "Brain Breaks" for Kids: Part 1 11-16-2011

The holiday season is a tough time to keep kids' attention. So lighten-up long stretches of classroom curriculum with these Appealing and fun, Welcome and inviting, Easy and simple, AWE-somely healthy brain break activities!

Snack Attack: Help for the Holidays 11-9-2011

Healthy snacks can get you on the right track for healthy balance during the upcoming holidays! Use these healthy holiday snack ideas and help others by sharing in a staff or parent newsletter.

Family Fun Night: "Healthy-Style"10-26-2011

Family fun nights are a great way to link your school or organization with parents and the community, while promoting healthy messages. Make your event unique by focusing on healthy eating and active play with the fun and simple ideas below!

Food Day is Coming! 10-19-2011

Get involved in Food Day, Monday, Oct. 24th! Organizations are joining together to encourage Americans from all walks of life -- parents, teachers, students, health professionals, community organizers, chefs, school nutrition services staff and others to push for healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable, humane way. For those who lead kids, use it as a day to bring about healthy food awareness! Use the simple suggestions below

Healthy School Staff, Healthy Kids 10-12-2011

Teachers and youth leaders are daily role-models for kids. Your healthy eating and physical activity habits provide a positive influence! With these fun and positive employee wellness suggestions, develop this healthy " trickle down effect" at your school or program.

Active Play, Balance My Day 9-28-11

Kids need at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Get kids excited about active play being fun AND good for their health! Do your part to support the healthy message and/or help kids add more minutes of motion in the day with these simple suggestions.

"Stirring Up Health™" National Middle School Recipe Contest 9-21-11

Teachers, Home Schools, Youth Leaders or Parents - Join Healthy Kids Challenge in its 10th year offering healthy cooking fun for 7th and 8th graders with the "Stirring Up Health™" National Middle School Recipe Contest! Educational partners include Johnson & Wales University and Home Baking Association. Kids learn basic food preparation and cooking skills they'll use throughout life, with this hands-on experience. Engage the kids you know to create or modify a recipe to make it healthier, using USDA MyPlate guidelines.

National School Lunch Week - Let's Grow Healthy! 9-14-11

"School Lunch - Let's Grow Healthy"is the theme for National School Lunch Week, Oct. 10-14, 2011. The goal is to help students understand where food comes from while highlighting that school lunch helps kids grow strong and healthy! The theme provides the opportunity to try something new and promote locally grown foods. Try the suggestions and ideas below!

Get Parents On Board for Healthy Kids 8-31-11

Encourage parents of the kids you lead to start the school year with healthy eating and active play routines for their families! The following resources and suggestions provide simple, "can do" ideas to get families on the right track to health! Share information in newsletters, via E-mail or as a handout.

Fantastic Fruits & Veggies 8-24-11

September is Fruits & Veggies-More Matters Month and a great chance to promote fruit and veggie eating with the kids you lead and adults you reach! Celebrate the month using the challenges, activities and ideas below to stimulate excitement around fruits and veggies!

Back to School Ideas for FUN Nutrition Education! 8-17-11

Healthy Kids Challenge welcomes you back to school! We hope you had a healthy, happy summer and are excited for the days ahead. With the USDA release of Choose MyPlate this summer, it’s a great time to kick off the school year with some new fun and simple nutrition education ideas!

Healthy Summer Learning Made Easy 7-6-11

Summer is a great time for kids to learn about healthy eating and physical activity! Use Healthy Kids Challenge tools and resources with the kids you lead during summer youth and community programs. HKC's Healthy6 messages match up nicely with the new USDA MyPlate key messages and are easy for kids to learn. See what we mean by trying these activities!

HKC's Healthy6 Match Up With MyPlate Messages 6-22-11

Have you heard? The USDA just announced a new MyPlate symbol that replaces MyPyramid. The new plate is much easier for kids and adults alike to understand. Along with its symbol, MyPlate has healthy messages that match up wonderfully with HKC's Healthy6 messages: Breakfast GO Power, Fruits & Veggies Every Day the Tasty Way, Drink Think, Smart Servings, Active Play, Balance My Day and Snack Attack.

Share MyPlate Messages with Kids and Families this Summer 6-8-11

The nation has a new icon now to represent healthy eating: MyPlate! MyPlate illustrates the five food groups using a familiar mealtime image, a place setting. The goal is to remind Americans to eat according to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Where is "Healthy"? 5-18-11

The countdown to summer is here and the school day routines are wrapping up for another year. Kids eagerly await summer schedules with open arms but wait…where is “healthy”? Will kids continue to hear, see, and practice a healthy balance this summer?

Grab Healthy Messages and Resources from the New HKC Home Page! 5-4-11

Gaze upon the sleek and updated Healthy Kids Challenge home page for easy to find resources, tips and services to use as you lead others to eat, move and enjoy a healthy balance! Follow the outline below to investigate the unique features!

Summer Fun: Healthy Eating Activities for Families 4-20-11

Summer is around the corner! Plan now to encourage families to practice healthy eating habits during the summer and year-round. The following suggestions are easy to use in a parent newsletter, as a take-home sheet or via E-mail messages.

National PE and Sport Week Carol White PEP Grant Just Announced 3-30-11

Let's Move in School is the theme of the 2011 National Physical Education and Sport Week, May 1-7. Plan ahead to utilize this opportunity to promote healthy, active play at your school or community program! The following resources and ideas will help you organize a week of fun fitness! And for those of you who are interested in a funding opportunity to improve physical and nutrition education, the Carol White PEP Grant was just announced! Healthy Kids Challenge can help with your grant application needs.

Teacher-Tested, User-Friendly: Balance My Day™ Nutrition Curriculum 3-16-11

HKC's 12+ years of nutrition education training has gone into making the new Balance My Day™ Nutrition Curriculum. We know what teachers and youth leaders need to get the nutrition and physical activity message across to kids! Try the sample activity below to get a glimpse of the ease to implement and healthy messages that the curriculum provides!

Combine Outdoor Activity with Learning: Orienteering 3-2-11

Get the kids you lead outside, moving and having fun while they learn the basics of orienteering (using navigational skills to move from one point to another). A review of cardinal directions (north, south, east, west) and compass reading skills will easily get you and the kids started!

Make National Nutrition Month Colorful! 2-16-11

Right in step with the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the 2011 National Nutrition Month® theme: Eat Right with Color suggests everyone add color and nutrients to meals and snacks! Encourage the kids and families you know to eat a "rainbow of colors" from the fruit & vegetable groups, select tans and rich browns from whole grains, and add varying shades of white and yellow from the dairy group. A meal plate should look like a palette of colors for good health!

WOWS Take Action with 2010 Dietary Guidelines 2-2-11

It's official! The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans was released on Monday with a focus on balancing calories with physical activity, and encouragement for Americans to consume more healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, seafood, and fat-free and low-fat dairy products; and to consume less sodium, saturated and trans fats, added sugars and refined grains. The Healthy Kids Challenge® Mission compliments the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and provides practical application suggestions with our Healthy6 Messages: •Active Play, Balance My Day •Breakfast GO Power •Drink Think •Fruits & Veggies - Every Day the Tasty Way •Smart Servings •Snack Attack

WOWS Drink Think Water 1-19-11

There's a lot of emphasis on making healthy changes when the new year begins. However, don't be overwhelmed! Start with a simple and easy change like drinking more water daily. You'll truly feel the benefits! Did You Know? It only takes a loss of 1-2% of your body’s ideal water content to cause dehydration. Even mild symptoms of dehydration can include dizziness, headaches and tiredness. If you are still not convinced that drinking more water is a valid healthy change, water can aid weight loss by increasing your satiety so you eat less! There you go, drinking more water provides many benefits so share the suggestions below with parents and co-workers in a newsletter or handout.

WOWS My Pyramid Teaching Activities 1-5-11

For the 3rd year, Healthy Kids Challenge® will be back again partnering with CIGNA at the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Marathon Weekend Expo, Orlando, FL, Jan. 7th and 8th. If you are in the area, come join in the HKC fun by walking through our MyPyramid food display! If you can't be there, bring the fun interactive display to you! Set up a Walk Through the Pyramid™ display at your school, youth program or worksite and see how healthy eating and physical activity can come to life!

WOWS E-Newsletter 12-15-10

Kids will be taking winter school breaks soon, but physical activity shouldn't take a break! It's even more important when kids don't have their normal recess and physical education class routines. Remind parents that the HKC Healthy6 message, Active Play, Balance My Day applies to EVERY day, not just school days! Share the following suggestions to help families stay active over the holidays in a parent newsletter or as a handout for kids to take home.

WOWS E-Newsletter 12-8-10

You've probably heard that last week, the U.S. House of Representatives joined the Senate in passing the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act which will provide $4.5 billion in new child nutrition funding. Healthy Kids Challenge® (HKC) supports this bill and is poised and ready to take action in the hopes that President Obama will sign it into law. See how HKC has worked with school nutrition services to develop healthier school meals and nutrition education in the past through our School Challenge Distance Assistance Program and how we can work with your school in the future!

WOWS E-Newsletter 12-1-10

Drinking high sugar and/or fat beverages can add up the calories quickly! Did you know that one typical 12 oz. sugared beverage can have 145 calories or more? A half cup of Eggnog can be 200 calories or more! That's not to say that you can't have a sip or two of your favorite holiday beverages, but those calories do add up. Make smart choices with the beverages you choose at holiday gatherings. Enjoy the festivities while saving calories! See how and share these helpful suggestions in a parent or staff newsletter.

WOWS E-Newsletter 11-17-10

Brain breaks for better focus and concentration… Healthy eating messages sprinkled throughout the school hallways, cafeteria, and classrooms… Nutrition education woven into PE and core curriculum K-12… Where is this happening? Check out West Orange, New Jersey school district!

WOWS E-Newsletter 11-10-10

This is the last WOWS of the Let's Move campaign series we have written addressing how to get families, schools and now, communities to take action regarding healthy eating and physical activity. See some examples of how HKC has connected with communities to promote healthy living. Share these ideas and resources for outreach in your community.

WOWS E-Newsletter 11-3-10

Last week's WOWS started the conversation about "smart servings" as the holidays are approaching with family gatherings and indulgent foods. This week we have another learning activity and suggested resources for you to use with kids. Kids will learn and have fun while you promote smart serving awareness during the holidays.

WOWS E-Newsletter 10-27-10

As the holidays are approaching with family gatherings and indulgent foods, now is a great time to start talking about smart servings with the kids you lead and their families. In this issue and the next, we'll address Smart Servings, a HKC Healthy6 Tip. You'll find creative activity ideas and resources that will encourage smart serving awareness during the holidays.

WOWS E-Newsletter 10-20-10

Consider technology as another tool in your wellness education toolbox! Many options exist, such as online games, video games, and computer software. Healthy Kids Challenge has put together a sampling of free resources you're sure to find helpful in the classroom, youth program setting and family home use to promote healthy eating and active play.

WOWS E-Newsletter 10-13-10

Kids need to get outside for a variety of reasons, one being for physical activity. There's no better place to run, jump and play! Incorporate classroom, physical education and youth programming time outside being active with the kids you lead. Make it happen by using the following resources and suggestions.

WOWS E-Newsletter 10-6-10

Nestlé® Pure Life® purified water has commissioned a Facebook Cause benefiting Healthy Kids Challenge who in turn helps families, kids and schools make healthy choices about physical activity and healthy eating. By joining the Cause, Nestlé Pure Life will donate $5.00 to the organization, up to $50,000. Your support enables HKC to continue the fight against childhood obesity. While on the Cause page, help HKC make a difference for healthier kids with a personal donation too. For every $10 you donate, Nestlé will donate $50! What a great investment of your money!

WOWS E-Newsletter 9-29-10

One of HKC's "Healthy6" messages is to eat fruits and veggies every day. Sounds simple enough, but Americans are falling short of getting adequate servings daily of these 2 nutrient-rich food groups! Help promote this healthy eating habit by sharing the following resources and suggestions with the families you know.

WOWS E-Newsletter 9-22-10

In our ongoing series, we'll continue to address how Healthy Kids Challenge can help you achieve the Let's Move campaign goals. This week's focus is on increasing physical activity and serving healthier foods in schools.

WOWS E-Newsletter 9-15-10

School Lunch - What's on Your Tray?, is the theme for National School Lunch Week, October 11-15, 2010. The goal is to help students learn that eating a healthy and nutritious school lunch is essential to get the most out of their action packed day!

WOWS E-Newsletter 9-8-10

Many of you are aware of First Lady, Michelle Obama's, Let's Move campaign to combat childhood obesity. This week and in the coming weeks, the WOWS newsletter will address how Healthy Kids Challenge can help you achieve the goals of the Let's Move campaign.

WOWS E-Newsletter 9-1-10

Healthy Kids Challenge and featured sponsor, Del Monte, along with educational partners, Johnson & Wales University and Home Baking Association, announce the 9th annual middle school recipe contest "Stirring Up Health™". The recipe contest provides a fun way for 7th and 8th grade students to relate to food, health, and basic cooking skills. Engage the kids you know to create or modify a recipe to make it healthier using Del Monte fruits, vegetables, or tomatoes. Let the “Stirring Up Health™” recipe contest help you meet your food skills education goals.

WOWS E-Newsletter 8-25-10

Welcome back to school! We hope that your summer provided a renewed energy for a wonderful school year! Healthy Kids Challenge wants to serve as your partner in health this year to bring health and wellness ALIVE throughout your school. Whether your needs are nutrition education curriculum, staff training, wellness council support or resources, look to HKC for solutions to create a healthier school now!

WOWS E-Newsletter 5-12-10

This is the final Wednesday WOWS for this school year. WOWS will be back in August to help you kick off another great school year! Continue to check your inbox throughout the summer for special edition WOWS bringing you news or grant information that can’t wait!

WOWS E-Newsletter 5-5-10

Encourage families to practice simple healthy eating choices using HKC's healthy habit building tips during summertime picnics, cookouts, at home or while traveling. Share these tips and resources in a parent newsletter or via E-mail messages.

WOWS E-Newsletter 4-28-10

The commitments and time constraints of the school year should lessen during the summer, so encourage families to spend time engaging in fun physical activity this summer! Share these tips and resources in a parent newsletter.

WOWS E-Newsletter 4-26-10

Healthy Kids Challenge is thrilled to announce we are partnering with Nestlé® Pure Life® brand bottled water to help raise awareness among families about the caloric impact beverages can have on daily intake, and the importance of establishing healthful beverage habits at an early age!

WOWS E-Newsletter 4-21-10

Afterschool and summer youth programs like Kids Clubs can provide a wonderful chance to reinforce and expand healthy eating and physical activity behaviors while kids have fun! Consider the following healthy ideas to incorporate into a Kids Club format.

WOWS E-Newsletter 4-14-10

"Move Every Body, Every Day, Every Way" is the theme of the 2010 National Physical Education and Sport Week, May 1-7. Celebrate the fun of physical activity at your school or youth program with the following suggestions!

WOWS E-Newsletter 4-07-10

Healthy messages can find a place in curriculum-packed school days. Try 5-minute activities to promote healthy eating and physical activity.

WOWS E-Newsletter 3-31-10

Send a healthy message with your staff and teacher appreciation gifts! Let your staff know you value their health and want to encourage their wellness. Check out the ideas below!

WOWS E-Newsletter 3-24-10

Healthy Kids Challenge has updated its Web site home page with colorful photos and graphics while giving you easier access to healthy eating and physical activity solutions for the kids you lead! Check it out!

WOWS E-Newsletter 3-17-10

As the weather warms up and the end of the school year is in view, many schools provide an outdoor Field Day event. Make the most of this physical activity day by connecting healthy eating messages with it as well! Consider the following suggestions.

WOWS E-Newsletter 3-10-10

Letting kids fix an evening meal can be a fun family activity that teaches responsibility, balanced eating and basic cooking skills. Encourage families to cook together by sharing the suggestions below in a parent or employee newsletter.

WOWS E-Newsletter 3-3-10

Since the day the First Lady broke ground for the White House Kitchen Garden, community and school gardens have gained attention! Government funding has been allotted to promote school gardens as a way to teach and help kids practice healthy eating. "Get on board" to start a school or youth garden with the kids you lead!

WOWS E-Newsletter 2-24-10

The "School Breakfast-Ready, Set, Go!" campaign aims to teach kids that breakfast prepares them for an active day at school. Share the following information with school nutrition services and teachers to help them promote National School Breakfast Week, March 8-12.

WOWS E-Newsletter 2-17-10

"Nutrition From the Ground Up" is the theme for National Nutrition® Month March 2010. The emphasis is balancing physical activity with a healthy diet; eating a variety of MyPyramid foods with less fat, salt and sugar.

WOWS E-Newsletter 2-10-10

First Lady Michelle Obama has revealed a national campaign to get kids healthy and keep them healthy called Let's Move. Healthy Kids Challenge commends the First Lady for her attention to kids' health.

WOWS E-Newsletter 2-3-10

Recently, the U.S. Surgeon General released her Vision for a Healthy and Fit Nation 2010. Healthy Kids Challenge is proud to be a leader in the movement to make that vision a reality. For the last 10 years, the HKC focus has been on simple effective solutions. We challenge you to take a simple action today!

WOWS E-Newsletter 1-27-10

Kids have so many drink options from which to choose! Help them make healthy choices (water, 100% juice and low fat milk) with the following classroom and youth group resources and activities.

WOWS E-Newsletter 1-20-10

Prod those 7th and 8th grade chefs you know to enter the HKC "Stirring Up Health™” National Middle School Recipe Contest! This year, our sponsor, Del Monte, and educational partners, Home Baking Association and Johnson & Wales University, are providing outstanding support to make this contest fun and exceptional!

WOWS E-Newsletter 1-13-10

During the winter months, use these creative approaches to help kids get daily physical activity! Share the following HKC resources and suggestions in parent newsletters, E-mails and social networks to encourage Active Play EVERY Day!

WOWS E-Newsletter 1-6-10

The new year provides an opportunity to assess "where you are" with your school, organization, or youth program wellness initiatives and "where you would like to be". Goal Setting generates Action, which promotes Success. Let HKC help you set your "Goals for Healthy Kids" with the resources and suggestions below!

WOWS E-Newsletter 12-16-09

This week see more best practice examples, from the 2-part series, focusing on community programs.

WOWS E-Newsletter 12-9-09

Do you wonder what others are doing to integrate healthy eating and physical activity in their schools or youth programs? This week and next, we'll present inspiring best practice examples from schools and community programs across the nation that HKC has had a hand in guiding to success!

WOWS E-Newsletter 12-2-09

Your health is priceless. Choose to give the "gift of health" this holiday season for your friends and loved ones. Share the following healthy gift ideas promoting physical activity and healthy eating in parent newsletters, E-mail messages, or on staff bulletin boards.

WOWS E-Newsletter 11-25-09

The school cafeteria provides a great opportunity for kids to explore and experiment with new food tastes, like whole grains! Turn the cafeteria into a "learning lab" by offering a fun-hearted whole grain promotion encouraging kids and their families to "make half their grains whole"!

WOWS E-Newsletter 11-18-09

When we imagine holiday celebrations, healthy portions and balance are not "on the radar"of our thinking. By keeping a few specific behaviors in mind, we can keep "healthy holiday balance"! Share these healthy holiday tips in a staff or parent newsletter!

WOWS E-Newsletter 11-11-09

Who says school kids have to go off-site to have an interactive, educational experience! Try these "stay at school" field trip suggestions!

WOWS E-Newsletter 11-4-09

Autumn provides glorious foliage colors, so get outside with the kids you lead for active play time. Try the outdoor activity ideas below!

WOWS E-Newsletter 10-28-09

Raise school/program funds AND stay within wellness policies. Now you can have BOTH with the following suggestions!

WOWS E-Newsletter 10-21-09

We recognize the key role reading plays in providing valuable learning and life experiences for all ages. Reading healthy food or physical activity themed books to young kids can help motivate long lasting healthy behaviors.

WOWS E-Newsletter 10-14-09

Over the years, HKC has developed and used many fun, easy and interactive healthy eating and active play ideas for educators and families. We want to share those ideas with you through HKC's new Health Corner Memberships! A membership provides access to a monthly tip sheet loaded with helpful suggestions to help kids and families eat, move and enjoy a healthy balance!

WOWS E-Newsletter 10-7-09

With a few tips and a little planning, healthy snacks CAN fit into a limited budget! Share these ideas in a parent newsletter and/or post in the staff lounge.

WOWS E-Newsletter 9-30-09

School and youth program wellness policies have challenged us to look at fundraising differently and explore healthier options. HKC has been proactive in creating an event, Dance for Health™, that not only raises funds but also provides healthy physical activity everyone can enjoy!

WOWS E-Newsletter 9-23-09

Some of the simplest games are kids' favorites! There is no need for fancy equipment. Use what you have on hand and try some of these suggestions for fun physical activity!

WOWS E-Newsletter 9-16-09

Healthy Kids Challenge announces the 8th annual middle school recipe contest, “Stirring Up Health™”. “Stirring Up Health™” is brought to you by featured sponsor, Del Monte, a leader in the food industry making a difference in the market place with tasty, nutritious and family friendly food products; and educational partners, Johnson & Wales University and Home Baking Association.

WOWS E-Newsletter 9-09-09

National School Lunch Week, October 12-16, takes on a sports theme, called "All-Star School Lunch". The National Basketball Association (NBA) inspired campaign features 5 "basketball teams" comprised of healthy school lunch menu items and coached by a current or former NBA/WNBA player. Join in the fun to help kids learn about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity with school lunch!

WOWS E-Newsletter 9-02-09

Healthy Kids Challenge would like to introduce you to our new Partner in Health, Del Monte Foods. When it comes to tasty, nutritious canned fruits, vegetables, and tomatoes, it's easy to say, More Matters with Del Monte!

WOWS E-Newsletter 8-26-09

A July 2009 report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Bridging the Gap Program concludes that many school district wellness policies since the 2006-07 requirement are weak and fragmented, and don't include provisions for monitoring, enforcing, or conducting ongoing review and revision of the policies.

WOWS E-Newsletter 8-19-09

The new school year is a great time to gather existing KidLinks™ or build a new wellness team! There is excitement and anticipation of new beginnings which will assist with your recruitment and the planning process. Team Up! Get people on board for wellness with the following HKC tips.

WOWS E-Newsletter 8-12-09

Healthy Kids Challenge welcomes you back to school! HKC has many NEW products and services to help you realistically make health and wellness a part of the school day environment.

WOWS E-Newsletter Special Edition 7-29-09

Healthy Kids Challenge recently launched some new and innovative ways to stay connected!

WOWS E-Newsletter 5-13-09

On February 17, 2009, President Barack Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 into law. The law provides $787 billion to create jobs and promote economic recovery nationwide, and at least $144 billion of these funds will go directly to state and local governments.

WOWS E-Newsletter 5-06-09

With some organization and role modeling, parents can lead their kids in FUN and FREE physical activity behaviors this summer! Share these ideas and resources in a take-home newsletter for families.

WOWS E-Newsletter 4-29-09

Unscheduled summer days provide fabulous opportunities to practice healthy eating behaviors. Share the following tips and activities in a parent newsletter for healthy summertime fun!

WOWS E-Newsletter 4-22-09

During these warm spring days, are the kids you lead having trouble focusing on lessons? If so, try brain break activities to re-energize and get kids back on track!

WOWS E-Newsletter 4-15-09

It's never too early to start planning next year's wellness activities! Many healthy eating and physical activity endeavors can take place with few resources and a little bit of planning. Incorporate the following simple, low cost ideas into your 2009-2010 wellness calendar.

WOWS E-Newsletter 4-08-09

May is a great month to encourage kids and families to be physically active! Plan to use the suggestions below and promote fitness anywhere kids and families, learn, live, work and play!

WOWS E-Newsletter 4-01-09

Research tells us that that the average American is only eating half of the daily recommended servings of calcium-rich dairy. 3-A-Day of Dairy was created as a simple reminder for families to get 3 daily servings of milk, cheese or yogurt for calcium to build stronger bones and healthier bodies.

WOWS E-Newsletter 3-25-09

During National TV Turnoff Week (April 20-26, 2009), encourage kids to explore other interests and activities besides television, computers or video games. It's a great opportunity to encourage active play and healthy eating during the week by trying the simple ideas below!

WOWS E-Newsletter Special Edition

HKC's unique focus on six healthy messages makes teaching and learning easier than ever. Now and in the coming days, web pages will help KidLinks™ with ideas for...