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Munch'n Crunch'n Broc Talk

Munch'n Crunch'n Broc Talk

A riddle:           What do books, broccoli, and bicycling have in common?
A hint:              Think like Healthy Kids Challenge:  what ACTIONS do they represent?
The answer:    READ – EAT – MOVE!

There is a natural link between healthy eating, physical activity, and reading.  Reading food or physical activity themed books to young kids can help develop lasting healthy behaviors.  Older children can learn the difference between marketing messages and accurate health information.

Munch’n Crunch’n Broc Talk is a perfect example for preschoolers:

Color: Green
Shape: Square
Number:  4
Letter:  B
Vegetable:  Broccoli
Activity:  5 A Day Play!
Book:  Gregory the Terrible Eater

This is just one example of our Berry, Berry Good lessons for preschoolers linking literacy at a young age with healthy eating and movement.