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New Kids' Contests for Making Half Your Plate Fruits and Vegetables


I have some exciting new kids' contests to share with you as we come to the end of "Fruits & Veggies-More Matters” month!

  • The first one is the Stirring Up Health National Middle School Recipe Contest.
    • The goal is to engage the kids you know to create or modify a recipe to make it healthier, using USDA MyPlate guidelines. Two of the categories are Fruits and Vegetables.
    • The contest is open September 1, 2011 - March 2, 2012 to all kids currently enrolled in 7th or 8th grade. Prizes include: Chef for a Day for 5 National Winners: A J&W University chef will prepare YOUR recipe with you at a school or youth group event!
    • Go to the Kids' Recipe Contest web page for entry rules, sample recipes, and past winners with the chefs who came to their schools!
  • The second one is the MyPlate Fruits & Veggies Video Challenge.
    • Create short videos (approximately 30 seconds) showing how you’re adding fruits and vegetables to your diet without spending a lot of money.
    • 3 categories:
      • Tips for kids
      • Tips when eating at home
      • Tips when eating away from home
    • The goal of the challenge is to encourage healthy eating habits using MyPlate, which includes making half your plate fruits and vegetables.
  • The third one is, admittedly, not a contest but a pledge. We think it's so important that you personally take action that I want to challenge you to take this pledge today. It's to join America's More Matters Pledge for fruits and veggies. You could make this one into a contest by challenging kids to see which class or group can have them most taking the pledge! 

It has been fun to share all these resources with you this month. Let me know if you want more along this line!