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Refresh, Energize, and Enjoy with Young Children

Refresh, Energize, and Enjoy with Young Children

It’s so easy and fun to make nutrition education fit into young children’s summer days! A simple formula of: a refreshing nutrition message + an energizing activity + fun for all, is really all you need. I have listed a couple ideas for you to get started with young children (ages 5-7) this week:

Refresh: A good Snack Attack is choosing when, where, and how to snack! Plan your snacks the same time each day, to eat them “screen free”, and from a plate rather than a bag or box.

Energize: Balance snacks with active play, a much better choice than nibbling the time away! Have kids call out their favorite outdoor play activities and for each, have them practice the movements.

Enjoy! Even adults can join in the movements with kids!

Balance My Day K-2 Snack Attack Lesson 1, page 151

Refresh: Eating different colors of fruits and veggies each day helps keep our bodies healthy.


  1. Distribute fruit and veggie cards with foods representing all color groups.
  2. Ask everyone to march in place. Observe how, with the same action, every color group looks the same.
  3. One at a time, ask the different color groups to begin a different activity: White-hop; green-reach high and low; yellow/orange-dance the twist; red-windmills; blue/purple-continue marching.
  4. Ask kids to observe the variety of actions. Ask if it looks different compared to when everyone was doing the same thing together. Explain what they are doing now is variety!

Enjoy! Have everyone join in the fun!

Balance My Day K-2 Snack Attack Lesson 5, page 159

Refresh: Smart servings means LESS of high fat and added sugar foods. Demonstrate with 2 cups grapes, 4 ½ cups of carrot strips, and 3 Tbsp of chocolate candies.

Energize: When eating out kids can choose less sugar by 1) choosing a smaller size, 2) choosing water, or 3) sharing with someone else. Ask kids to repeat the 3 things they can choose to do. Call out each one, and ask kids to perform a movement to go along with each:

Smaller size: Go down and get small.
Water: Spell W-A-T-E-R with your body.
Share: Clap hands together with the person to your right.

Practice the movements and then call out the healthy choices 1 or more times.

Enjoy! Make the healthy choice the “cool” choice!

Balance My Day K-2 Snack Attack Lesson 6, page 162