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See the Difference HKC and CIGNA* are Making!

CIGNA logoHealthy Kids Challenge® Partners with CIGNA for Healthy Fun at the Disney Marathon

MyPyramid display at Disney Marathon Weekend Expo For the 4th year kids and families connected healthy eating and physical activity at the
Weekend Expo Jan. 6th and 7th, 2012.


Within the magical Disney environment, parents and kids experienced the impressive HKC Explore MyPlate™ display as they moved from table to table; each representing MyPlate food groups.

MyPyramid display at Disney Marathon Weekend ExpoStaff shared fun and interactive healthy eating suggestions and handouts. One table received many surprised "wow's" as participants viewed the fat and sugar content of favorite vending machine snacks and soda. Families physical activity game enjoyed by all ages. A highlight was the food group bead bracelet concluded their experience with a kids made which reminds them to select healthy foods on their meal plate.

"We come to this event each year and always stop by the display to reinforce healthy eating with our kids. Parent participant

Quotes from previous years...

“Appreciated that there was nutrition information provided with this running event.”  Parent participant

“That’s good information. Maybe that will help me out too!”
Parent participant

"We had a great turnout on Friday, and once we moved to the tent on Saturday we actually had a waiting line (even in the rain and freezing temperature) to experience "The Pyramid!"
Joe Duggan, CIGNA

"My kids were there and loved the Healthy Kids Challenge experience. They wore their pyramid bracelets the whole weekend!"
Patty Caballero, CIGNA

"Our collaboration with Healthy Kids Challenge has enabled us to expand nutrition and fitness messages to families through a variety of opportunities, including the WALT DISNEY WORLD Marathon Expo," said Kim Hohol, registered dietitian for CIGNA.


HKC – CIGNA Schools

CIGNA continues to step forward to make a healthy difference in schools!

Thanks to the CIGNA Foundation's support, Showcase Schools highlight healthy fun and learning. Learn about HKC-CIGNA schools meeting the challenge and collaborative endeavors below!                        

HKC - CIGNA Foundation Challenge Stars
HKC – CIGNA Making Strides Schools
HKC – CIGNA Team Efforts for Healthy Kids
Best Practices of Showcase and Other Schools


CIGNA Mix Six for Healthy Balance Tools

Through its innovative collaboration with Healthy Kids Challenge, CIGNA has produced the Mix Six for Healthy Balance Toolkit  in three versions, one for businesses, individuals and families.

      Tips and tools for employers

      Ideas for monitoring and charting individual progress

      First steps to better health for families


Dance for Health™

CIGNA was the first presenting sponsor for Dance for Health™, a national fundraising event. It's a healthy activity for the entire family, providing awareness of healthy lifestyles while raising funds to support healthy eating and physical activity in schools and youth program environments. For more information, visit


Walk Through the Pyramid™
Ready, Set, Cook, and Eat™ Events

As part of a commitment to employee wellness, CIGNA has sponsored a multiple number of these highly interactive events.

In Bloomfield, CT, Philadelphia, PA, and Chattanooga, TN, employees participated in the Walk Through the Pyramid™ display while learning key messages from each food group.

In Chattanooga, TN, employees teamed up with local and state dignitaries for the Ready, Set, Cook, and Eat™ event. Each team was given a surprise sack of food supplies, simple cooking equipment, and a set time to prepare a tasty, healthy dish.


*CIGNA is a national sponsor of Healthy Kids Challenge. CIGNA has joined with Healthy Kids Challenge to develop and co-brand programs that drive behavioral change amongst elementary age kids and their families in an effort to increase healthy eating choices and physical activity.