Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Solutions: Improving Quality of School Wellness Policies

A Healthy Kids Challenge view of the quality issues schools encounter when it comes to wellness...and one of our simple, every day, evidence based solutions.

What schools tell us:

We don't have a wellness team.

We had a wellness team to develop the policy, but it hasn't met since then.

We have one staff member who takes care of all of the wellness stuff.

We don't have a budget for this.

Research confirms

Inconsistent QUALITY and weak language make up most school districts' wellness policies.  Most include only general goals and no specific guidelines or requirements for taking action. 

SolutionGet people on board - Recruit a KidLinkTM* Team

We know there are parents, teachers, and community members who are very interested in wellness - the key is to find them and highlight the benefits - the win/wins - of forming a KidLinkTM team. 

A KidLinkTM team = A best practice

1.  It provides a foundation for communication, support, and collaboration. 

2.  No one person gets "burned out" with the responsibillity for ALL school wellness policies. 

3.  A team of diverse members can improve the quality of the wellness policies with very little time and effort.

*People who can help kids make healthy eating and physical activity choices a habit.