Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Solutions: School Nutrition Education Policies

A Healthy Kids Challenge view of nutrition education when it comes to wellness…and one of our simple, every day, evidence-based solutions.

What Schools Tell Us:

We don’t have time to add nutrition curriculum to an already full day.

We need quick, easy ideas to integrate nutrition education.

Research Confirms:

While the majority of students are in a district that includes nutrition education goals in its wellness policy, there is great inconsistency in the specific provisions.

Policies are vague, lacking specific timelines and methods to implement; therefore little execution takes place.


Take action! Use interactive games and activities for nutrition education that are fun and easy!

The HKC classroom best practice activity, Queen and King of MyPyramid, shows how simple it is to teach classroom nutrition that kids will remember!

Six kids are each given a colored scarf representing a MyPyramid food group. The kids tie the scarves on like sashes, receive a bucket and are given titles such as "Queen of the Fruit" or Veggie King". Other classmates retrieve pictures of foods across the room and deliver them to the correct "kingdoms".

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Putting Nutrition Education into Action = Best Practice

Nutrition education that is interactive leads to behavior modification. We know our HEAR - SEE - DO approach reinforces healthy change!