Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Speeding Up Progress In Fighting Obesity In Schools

Suggestions for increasing progress in the fight against obesity in schools…along with our simple, every day, evidence-based solutions. 


America’s obesity problems begin at an early age for kids. In Head Start, which provides early childhood education to nearly 1 million low-income children, about 1/3 of the children are overweight or obese. Experts and policy makers are looking at preschools and K-12 schools in an effort to reduce obesity.

Policy Recommendations:

From Health Affairs journal:

Policy makers should require Head Start to provide healthy meals and snacks for preschool children; increase training and technical assistance for staff; and develop staff wellness programs.


  • Develop healthy snack lists and policies at preschools to encourage nutritious snack choices.
  • Provide preschool teachers and staff simple tools, such as literacy to teach kids healthy eating and physical activity messages. HKC’s Monthly Action Idea provides a healthy preschool activity and complimenting book to read. More health-themed preschool books can be found by searching the Michigan Team Nutrition Preschool Booklist.
  • Organize a wellness team as an avenue for sharing staff wellness ideas

What other tools do early childhood education teachers need to promote wellness for their kids? Share your thoughts.