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"Stirring Up Health™" Recipe Contest Reminder

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"Stirring Up Health™" Recipe Contest Reminder


The U.S. Surgeon General's Vision for a Healthy and Fit Nation 2010 has called for us to "take action" for healthy change. The Healthy Kids Challenge "Stirring Up Health™" National Middle School Recipe Contest is one way you can do that today! 

The contest is a prime example of a "simple solution idea" to get 7th and 8th graders involved in basic cooking skills, develop healthier eating habits and set healthy goals. Kids get practice creating healthy food that tastes great!

It's not too late to enter! If you work with or know of 7th and 8th graders, share the following information that helps kids work toward healthy change while having fun!

See the "Stirring Up Health™” Web pages for information and details. View the       entry form which can be submitted online or mailed.

Entry Deadline - March 13, 2010 

Act Now!

For questions about Healthy Kids Challenge, please contact:
Vickie L. James, RD, LD, Director