Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Take The Healthy Kids Challenge As You Head Back to School

Healthy Kids Challenge

Welcome back to school! We hope that your summer provided a renewed energy for a wonderful school year! Healthy Kids Challenge wants to serve as your partner in health this year to bring health and wellness ALIVE. Whether your needs are nutrition education curriculum, staff training, wellness council support or resources, look to HKC for solutions!

The new school year is a great time to gather an existing wellness team or build a new team! Team up for wellness with the following Healthy Kids Challenge tips.

  1. Get people on board
    1. Begin recruiting those who have expressed or demonstrated an interest in nutrition and physical activity. Start with whatever number of members you can.
    2. Brainstorm potential recruits who represent different groups: administrators, classroom teachers, youth leaders, PE teachers, nurses, food service, community members and families
  2. Develop a team vision:
    1. Brainstorm the team's wellness dream and then write a short memorable statement describing the dream.
    2. Vision example: A school/youth program that provides a healthy environment with consistent messages that guide learning and opportunities for practicing healthy lifestyle choices; and connects with families and the community to expand the messages and healthy choices everywhere kids go.

  3. Share the team vision and develop awareness:
    1. Identify ways to let others know of the vision through newsletters, Web site and word of mouth
    2. Use "talking points" for nutrition and physical activity:
      1. the needs (childhood obesity, poor eating and physical activity habits of kids)
      2. the benefits (improved academic potential, better attendance)
      3. what you intend to accomplish (awareness and appeal for HKC’s Healthy6 messages, increased role-modeling)

You can receive email tips like this in the W.O.W.S. newsletter twice a month. Don’t miss the motivating message to start the year off right from our Healthy Kids Challenge Director, Vickie L. James, RD, LD.