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Take Our Challenge and Run With It!

Take Our Challenge and Run With It!
HKC staff member running '08 Disney World Marathon

For the next 8 weeks, Healthy Kids Challenge challenges schools and youth programs to strive to achieve one activity goal.  2010 is just around the corner, but forget New Year's resolutions; take the "Healthy Kids Challenge" and literally run with it NOW! 

Start where you are with an activity goal that everyone can strive for.  I realize running isn't an option for everyone, so adapt it to your needs as long as it's active movement!

Pace yourselves all the way through the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's holidays.   Focus on health through the holidays!

Finish on January 7, 2010.  Guess what?!  That just happens to be the date we will begin a LIVE Walk Through the Pyramid interactive event at the Disney World Marathon ExpoThousands of families will get to actually walk through the food pyramid, learning healthy food choices and getting some activity at the same time!  Healthy Kids Challenge and Cigna are partnering to offer this event.

Start today! Get kids and families to lace up their shoes and get on the road to health.  Celebrate a milestone with us on January 7th from wherever you are!