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Updated! August Action Idea, Tips, and Challenge!

Updated! August Action Idea, Tips, and Challenge! 

This month’s ideas are fresh and fun. Check ‘em out...

Take Action! Play the “Higher or Lower” Game

  1. Choose a number of food items to use for guessing portion size in this activity.
  2.  Have kids volunteer to measure what they THINK is a serving size for each of the food items.
  3.  Ask the rest of the group if they think the serving size should be "higher or lower". 

Follow the link for the entire activity and bonus tips: Smart Servings Action Idea: Higher or Lower

Use the snack tip sheet:
Healthy Celebration Snack Ideas
Click the link and then scroll down for the download.

Take our August “Healthy Kids Challenge”:
I challenge you to read the Nutrition Facts Label of the snacks you eat. Learn the amount of calories, fats and sugar in those foods and make adjustments in the portions you eat to lower those amounts. Good luck!