Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

A Walk Through the Pyramid Event at Disney Marathon Expo

Did you finish?  Our Challenge from 8 weeks ago, that is, not the marathon!  I know they say anyone can run a marathon, well, I say anyone can develop a healthy habit - starting with a LIVE Walk Through the Pyramid!

This was the 1st ever Healthy Kids Challenge and Cigna interactive event at the Disney World Marathon Expo. Thousands of families actually walked through the food pyramid, learning healthy food choices and getting some activity at the same time! 

"My kids were there and loved the Healthy Kids Challenge experience.  They wore their pyramid bracelets the whole weekend!" Patty Caballero, Cigna

"We had a great turnout on Friday, and once we moved to the tent on Saturday we actually had a waiting line (even in the rain and freezing temperature) to experience "The Pyramid!" Joe Duggan, Cigna

If you didn't finish our 8-week challenge, start today! Get kids and families to lace up their shoes and get on the road to health.  If you did, or were at the event, write back and tell me how you did!