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Dig In: Kids Learn about Edible Plant Parts

Kids take interest in eating fruits & veggies when they learn about the different plant parts and their purpose.

Encourage kids to eat Fruits & Veggies - Every Day the Tasty Way with the activity below!

Plant Anatomy and Edible Plant Parts (Adapted from the USDA Dig In! curriculum, 5-6 grades)

  • Bring a variety of produce examples to class like carrots, lettuce, celery, broccoli, zucchini and peas. Identify each plant part (roots, leaves, flowers, stems, fruits, seeds) and show what parts we eat.
  • Explain that each part is designed to support an important function for the plant to live.
    roots - underground support for the plant, collects water and food
    leaves - make food for the plant from sunlight (photosynthesis)
    stems - above ground support and provides vessels to move water and nutrients through the plant
    flowers - attract pollinators and matures into fruit
    fruits - protect and hold the seeds
    seeds - contain all the information needed for plant life
  • Write the different plant parts on the board. Ask kids to think of other fruits & veggies and to tell which part of the plant is eaten and where to list it on the board.
  • Cut-up various produce samples and let kids taste the different plant parts.

This is a HEAR-SEE-DO activity:

Help kids hear the message about the interesting and tasty parts of edible plants.

Let them see examples of edible plant parts.

Let them do by identifying additional plant part examples and tasting samples.

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