Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Head Back to School with the HKC-SPARK PE Connection

Want to know how to make healthy balance a top priority for your school or youth program? Make the HKC-SPARK PE connection work for your individual situation, right where you are.

Together HKC and SPARK make perfect sense, offering customized training, curriculum and ongoing support for nutrition education, physical education, and physical activity before, during, and after school. Our partnership engages school and youth group leaders nationwide to energize healthier choices and environments. Click here to learn about our SPARK PE partnership!

“Healthy Kids Challenge curriculum is so much fun! It allows students to develop their nutrition knowledge and practice healthy behaviors at the same time. Students love the hands on opportunity to create a healthy snack and share it with their family. Healthy Kids Challenge curriculum, training, and distance assistance have provided us with the tools to help our students make healthy choices!" - PEP Grant Manager-YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth