Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Healthy Balance Toolkit

Healthy Balance Toolkit

The CIGNA Mix Six for Healthy Balance Toolkit is CIGNA and HKC's latest project offering real-life tips and activities for employers, individuals and families to incorporate better health into their daily routines.

Healthy Kids Challenge

As a national sponsor of Healthy Kids Challenge®, CIGNA is truly a leader in wellness for kids and families. CIGNA has joined with Healthy Kids Challenge® to develop and co-brand programs that drive behavioral change among elementary age kids and their families in an effort to increase healthy eating choices and physical activity. HKC-CIGNA initiatives are reaching KidLinks™ everywhere they live, learn, work, and play!

  • Healthy Balance for Families Toolkit-For families looking to set a healthy example for their children—especially those ages five to 12.Toolkit resources include a Getting Started section, Create Your Plans section, and activities for Young Kids (up to age 5) and Older Kids (ages 6 and up).
  • Healthy Balance for Individuals Toolkit-
    • For adults whose goal is to incorporate the healthy steps into their daily lives.  Resources included in this tookit are...Getting Started: Health for Myself, Learn the Importance of Each Challenge, Create Your Plans, Get Tips and Track Your Progress, and a special section to Stay on Track While You’re At Work.
  • Healthy Balance for Business Toolkit-
    • For employers, associations or groups looking to implement the program into a worksite, club or other group setting.  Includes tip sheets, health challenges and goal setting, newsletter articles, posters, and flyers for each of the Six Healthy Challenges.

Each Toolkit focuses on six key health behaviors. There’s no beginning or end—simply start at one behavior and work your way through all six in any order you choose.