Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Healthy Halloween Hear-See-Do’s for Kids

Bring a healthy focus to your school or community Halloween activities by including active play and nutritious snacks at your event!

Hear - See - Do Activities

Help kids hear the message that Halloween can be fun and healthy too!
Let them see and taste wholesome, healthy Halloween snacks.
Let them do by offering active play games.

Spooky Active Play:

Monster Freeze Dance - In a large room, have kids show off their best monster dance moves by playing the song "Monster Mash" and other seasonal tunes. Have them freeze in place when the tunes turn off.

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt - Purchase plastic skeleton parts (a complete skeleton for each group) from a toy or craft store and distribute over a large area. Organize kids into groups and tell them to roam the area picking up parts to reassemble into a complete skeleton.

Quick and Easy Halloween Snacks:

Ghosts and Pumpkins- Cut bananas in half and stand them on a platter. Push into the banana, one raisin for each eye and one for a mouth. Next to the "ghosts" place cutie oranges that have been peeled whole and place cut celery sticks in the tops for "pumpkin" stems. Serve.

Witches Brew - Serve a fun 100% juice blend (perhaps an orange mango version).